Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reason Rally Pics

I just got back to where I'm staying in DC, and thought I'd share some pictures from the Reason Rally.

I got to the rally early, so I decided to take these two shots of the cherry blossoms.

Here are a few shots of some faith-based  protesters.

Here are some pro-reason shots.

I hope these two pics give an idea how many people were at the rally today.

Yes, that is Richard Dawkins on stage.

I met up with some atheist bloggers from Left Hemispheres.

Adam, aka Secret Squirrel

Steve, aka Liberal Christians bug the hell outta me, guy.


  1. yay cherry blossoms! the "no signs from god" sign is brilliant

  2. I grew up in "rapture ready" Tulsa in the 1960's and 1970's, and I wish I could have joined an atheist group in my teens just to have some sane people to talk to. I've met a few people who had the good fortune to grow up as atheists, and to me they seem like characters from some advanced, futuristic civilization out of science fiction.

  3. I loved some of the signs you posted which I hadn't seen anywhere else!


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