Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mormon Church Is Losing Members! Lots Of Members.

I found this video on Mormon 411. It has great news: The LDS (the Mormon church) is losing members hand over fist.



  1. You frequent mormon 411. I thought I wuz an atheist nerd because I get the Answers in Genesis newsletter. Once again you are tops my friend. hope ya had fun at that reason rally thingy.


  2. Thanks, man. I was fortunate that I was able to go to the Reason Rally. Mormon 411 is my main LDS blog, much like Atheist Rabbi and Coinlaundry are my fave humanist Jewish blogs.

  3. At no point do they even suggest that people might be leaving because of doubts about the veracity of the religion.
    Hopefully this realisation (that the religion is a crock of shit) will grow exponentially.

  4. "Improve the amount of accurate information about the church on the internet". Yeah that oughta work. Amazing how believers in nonsense always think that others don't believe simply because they don't have enough information about the nonsense. #homeopathy


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