Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jews Who Want To Censor Anne Frank

Even the monkey knows this is crazy.

You read the title correctly. There are Jews who think that The Diary of Anne Frank is not appropriate for high school students. I was reading Coin Laundry today and noticed two posts (here and here) concerning The Kosher Booklist: An Assessment of Children's Books for Parents and Teachers.  The books in question are censored if they have too much handholding or make too many references to Christianity amongst other absurd reasons.  Books that are forbidden are graded with a N - not acceptable.

That's when I read that The Diary of Anne Frank was graded with a big N. Intrigued, I went to the 126 page document to see what all the hubbub was about. Here is a screenshot from The Kosher Booklist.

I know the writing is small. Here is the stated reason why young minds shouldn't read the book in larger script.
The diary of a Jewish girl who struggles with coming of age while in hiding during the Holocaust. Although it's very moving, there are quite a few very clear and explicit passages dealing with boy/girl, negiah, and physical maturation. In addition, girl is very clear about negative feeling toward parents and especially lack of respect for mother. Also sprinkling of hashkafic issues. Not recommended for casual reading. For educators: this book would be difficult to censor sufficiently, but for problematic passages see Classics Analysis Listing.
I have no clever comment to this. This sh*t speaks for itself.



  1. As always the zealots are worried about the wrong stuff. Kids being exposed to the horrors of war and genocide? No problem. Kids being exposed to puberty, kissing and entirely tame touching between teenagers? Too much to handle!

  2. Wow. Just.... wow.


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