Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Email From A Reader

I got an email from a reader of Purgatory who wanted to get something off her chest. I asked the writer if she wanted it on the blog and she said yes. Below is what the person wanted to say. These are her words and her story.

I can tell my husband anything, and lately, to my sister who has recently been more receptive to my anti-religion conversations. I cannot state my opinion on Facebook as I do not wish to offend my husband’s daughter and her family. I do not wish to offend my friends who are in Narcanon and AA even though they post their daily praises to their god. This does not offend me, as I knew them while their addictions were at their worst and if this is what keeps them alive and happy, more power to them. I do not argue with my dying father when he tells us in the hospital the next day after his pastor visits that the prayer that was given cured his shaking. If this is where he gets comfort, I am good with that.

When I was in the 6th grade my parents stopped going to our local protestant church yet still sent my sister and I to Sunday School.  Plus they made us WALK, IN THE SNOW(not really, we lived in Scottsdale, AZ).  One Sunday I finally had had enough and convinced my goody-goody sister to ditch Sunday School and throw rocks at cars in front of the church.  We were promptly busted but mission accomplished and we were no longer sent away on Sunday mornings.  It was years later I found out the reason my parents stopped attending church.  It had something to do with Angela Davis coming to the area to speak and our church was protesting.  My Mother, a strong and stubborn gal from New Jersey, refused to support this decision and my dad, like always, went with the flow.  My Mother would continue to be an advocate for the local Native Americans.  We lived in on the edge of several reservations before  Scottsdale  was the so called affluent monstrosity it is now.

Here I am years later a happy –homemaker-homeowner-wife-grandmother….Neighbor.    The folks across the street belong to a local Baptist church and the man is an associate pastor.  The other day I see a brand new Honda SUV in their driveway.  I see “Mary”  and say to her “OH!  You have a new car!”.  Her response:  “Yes,  “Bill”  is the Pastor now and they bought him this car.  They are also putting $200K down on a $400K house for us.  You know they have been paying Dick and Janes college tuition for the last couple of years.  The lord provides!”    I am stunned.  I need to scream from the rooftops but my instinct to not offend my friends and family stops me.   Maybe someday.

I wish her well.



  1. The first word that entered my mind: leeches.


  2. Sad really, but I never had much doubt that so many of the Preachers do it for the money---look at the lives the preachers of the megachurches are living. People are credulous and there will always be those who are willing to take advantage of those people. Religion has always been a tool for the huckster.

  3. I just don't see the problem.

    It is their club, he's a honcho in it and they pay him to do that job.
    The fact that it's all in their heads just doesn't bother me much: it's their money and their club.
    As long as casinos and lotteries are legal, I don't see what difference it makes where people throw their money away.

    Now if he came across that street to draw me into that club, that would be a problem.

    1. I have the problem with ministers pushing their crappy/dangerous product on the masses, and getting paid buckets of money for it.

    2. I think the same of Republicanism, but it's hard to write a law against it.

      That's why I mentioned casinos.


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