Friday, March 23, 2012

Dan Silverman And The Atheist Billboard In Brooklyn

Here is a short clip about the atheist billboard in Brooklyn.   

I'm currently in Washington, DC for the Reason Rally that is being held tomorrow.

I got up at 3AM this morning and got out the door by 4. I missed most of the traffic going through NYC and got into DC a wee bit after noon. Currently I'm at by buddy's apartment and plan to stay until Monday. Sunday is dedicated to museuming.

As a side note, yes, the commenting system is still messed up. Though one can leave a message on Disqus there are no old comments. We're on day three of this problem and if it doesn't get resolved I'm going to scrap the crappy Disqus system and return to the crappy blogger commenting system. Seeing that I'm going to change Purgatory's look every once in a while, I refuse to go through these problems every time I do so.

Oh, you may have noticed that I got rid of those irritating Google ads. They bugged me. No matter how many times I attempted to get rid of the religious ones they always returned.



  1. How sad that there are atheist Hasidic Jews in the closet. Talk about living a lie. Hey you folks, move to a different neighborhood, maybe?!

  2. All i can say that billboard really get a lot of attention.


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