Saturday, February 4, 2012

Uganda And Gays: Hate The Sin And Kill The Sinner

Small country with a lot of CRAZY.
Uganda, that little country tucked away in south central Africa is home to a lot of crazy. I wrote a few months ago about the growing practice of child sacrifice by witch doctors in that country. However, this post isn't about the government trying to eradicate the barbaric practice of killing kids. No. This post is about the real enemy to the state of Uganda: the gays.

(As a side note, two buddies of mine are from Kenya, which borders Uganda. They agree that Uganda is a madhouse.)

Uganda, as I've written about before, has had an Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Parliament for quite a while. This bill if passed into law would make homosexuality punishable by death. There was an outcry amongst the international community against the bill, and I had thought that the bill had died.

It hasn't.
The Anti Homosexuality bill 2009 and the Marriage and Divorce bill are due for debate when parliament resumes business next week.
The Anti-Homosexuality bill 2009, moved by Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati is one of the bills to be considered on the agenda, despite calls from international human rights activists, donors and gays, out rightly rejected the bill. - from UG Pulse
The obvious question: Why would any sane government target gays?

The obvious answer: religion.
“Thanks to the absurd ideas peddled by American fundamentalists, we are constantly forced to respond to the myth — debunked long ago by scientists — that homosexuality leads to pedophilia. In Uganda, American evangelical Christians even held workshops and met with key officials to preach their message of hate shortly before a bill to impose the death penalty for homosexual conduct was introduced in Uganda’s Parliament in 2009.” - Frank Mugisha, Ugandan gay rights activist.
This is Purgatory.

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