Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Boy's First Star Trek Episode

We'll forget about TJ Hooker and focus on James T Kirk

There should be some right of passage ceremony when a young boy first watches James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise seek out new life forms and go where no *man has gone before. A few days before the august event I was searching through the TV listings and saw that the episode Space Seed was on later that day. Excitedly I set our DVR to record.

What? You can't identify that episode of classic Trek? It's the one where the Enterprise finds a sleeper ship from the 1990's, the Botany Bay. Inside the mysterious space ship from the 1990's (yes, the writers in the mid-nineteen sixties were an optimistic bunch) Kirk et al finds the crew in stasis. The leader is awakened and it turns out to be Ricardo Montalban playing the classic Trek villain of Khan, the eugenically engineered superman.

Will liked the episode quite a bit, but being only nine years-old the romantic storyline kinda grossed him out. However, he was interested in this line from Milton's Paradise Lost when Lucifer fell into the Pit, "Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven." Will, knowing more about Thor than Jesus at this point, asked who Lucifer was. I answered him that many people who believe in God also believe in an evil spirit named Satan who was once an angel and is responsible for all the evil in the world. Will remarked that it didn't make any sense. I simply sighed in agreement.


* Yes, I know it's sexist, but that is how the classic episodes started. Whenever I do a bit on the Next Generation I'll use the more progressive where no person has gone before.


  1. Star Trek represent!

    And yes, I knew which episode 'Space Seed' was.

  2. Space Seed must be great - they made a full movie about it! William Shatner and all the Trek crew of all the series are all my heroes. Jeez, I was born in the wrong era!


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