Saturday, February 25, 2012

Burning My Copy Of The God Delusion

An open letter to the Muslims who are protesting the supposed inappropriate burning of their holy book.

Dear Protesting Muslims,

In order to provide a valuable lesson in maturity, I have decided to burn my edition of The God Delusion. Please be aware that you will not see hordes of atheists in the streets chanting inane slogans and inciting riots after this act. You will not see atheists shooting guns in the air and carrying on. While you act like a gaggle of dangerously psychotic mental patients off their medications, atheists will shrug their shoulders and continue to be productive members of society even when one of their best written books on godlessness went up in flames. In case you haven't understood the intent of this letter allow me to sum it up in two words: Grow up.

In case you believe that I am simply another anti-Muslim American beating up on Islam, I wish to point out that I have supported the building of the misnamed Monster Mosque near Ground Zero, and pointed out the Christian hysteria regarding Campbell's selling halal soup.

Now, let's get on with the book burning.

Here is my copy of The God Delusion.

Please note the near mint condition of the book. This was one of the few objects that I owned that I hadn't damaged in some manner. Within minutes of taking this picture I said my good-byes to a book that was critical in shifting me from a mealy mouthed agnostic to a out of the closet atheist. The two of us went outside in a late winter snow flurry to do the unspeakable act.
Here 'tis.


Sincerely yours,

Laughing in Purgatory


  1. This is my favorite sentence in your wonderful essay: "atheists will shrug their shoulders and continue to be productive members of society even when one of their best written books on godlessness went up in flames." Well said.

  2. Dear Laughing in Purgatory,

    Very well said. I'm sad you burned Dawkins's fine book. But the point is well made. The ideas within the book cannot be burned. All you've burned is paper with marks. The ideas live on.

    Grumpy Alice.

  3. Muslims aren't simply angry at the video they're angry at decades of failed US foreign policy in the Middle East and continued support for Israel. Blaming the video is just an easy way to explain their anger away without addressing the real issues.

  4. Why would you support a mosque in New York City? They can pray at home. Islam is a political system that should not be tolerated in the west.

    1. I got in a huge debate with a Muslim not to long ago. I do have huge issues about their belief but I disagree with you and here's why-

      As an atheist, I think it is a right that a group of people can build churches, mosque, or any religious building on private land (meaning no government tax pay money). If followers if that religion want to send their own money that they earn onto a building project that support their ideas- I have no trouble with that, even how much I disagree of what they teach.

      I think the best way of peace and tolerance is freedom, and more importantly diversity, of religion.


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