Saturday, February 11, 2012

Attacking The Language Of Faith

Religion: The absurdity that brings about tragedy.

Atheists need to work actively towards the day when theists are embarrassed to admit in public that they are: Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or a member of any team that primarily engages in faith-based thinking. To put it quite simply we need to do to those religious terms what conservatives have done to the word liberal. Once upon a time liberals were actually happy to call themselves liberals. And then came the scorched earth policy of conservatives that belittled and undermined the term to the point that no one outside Cambridge, Ma dare call themselves liberal.

We need to do that to religious terms.

One only has to look at the latest fiasco between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church on the issue of contraception to the necessity of actively attacking faith. The Church, regardless of its many scandals, possesses a lot of political power in America. It's ironic that a large percentage of Catholics do not support many of the Church's teaching, like their every sperm is sacred policy. The typical Catholic isn't even aware, and if he or she is aware doesn't believe, that the holy wafer and wine becomes the flesh and blood of Christ during communion, as per Church dogma (transubstantiation). Why do they support the Catholic Church? It's simple inertia: Societal institutions in motion stay in motion no matter how criminal or immoral they are. To stop the institution requires another force... us.
By attacking the word Catholic, for example, we are striking at the heart of the theocratic machine. Have you ever debated a Jesuit? I have. Their favorite tactic is to go on the offense, and not respond to any reasonable point. They were the original Fox News of the Middle Ages. By poisoning the word Catholic (and all of its relatives like Jesuit, priest, etc.) the first thing a person will think of when a member of the Church hierarchy speaks against liberty will be, Who are these people to talk about morality? We would be able to shut them out of important conversations about church-state separation, marriage equality, etc. Religion's hold on society would end, and the Church would hold influence only amongst the mentally ill.
Now there may be some secularists out there who think purposefully making religious terms an anathema is going to far. The thing is that people should feel stupid when they say stupid things. That feeling of embarrassment is nature's way of remind you not to state unsubstantiated "facts", such as the world was made in six days or barbaric opinions such as women should submit to their husbands. My daughter just had a play date the other day at our house, and the mom told me that she would pick up her daughter after her older child got out of CCD. She should be embarrassed to say that her kid is getting brainwashed in CCD. I'm working towards a world where people would be ashamed to fill their kids' heads with superstitious gobbledygook.
Theists will misconstrue my point and say that I'm all for bullying the religious or that I want the state to impede on a person's free speech. No. The only thing atheists need to do to accomplish this goal is have the courage to consistently talk in public about the evil and absurdity that is religion. The religious are delusional about God. Morality is independent of religion. Faith is the enemy of progress.

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  1. Seems to me that the catholics really don't need our help in turning the name of their criminal institution to mud. They are doing a first calss job on their own. Soon the prisons are going to be full priests caught fiddling with the boys (and girls). There may be a few Orthodox jews in there too but they are mostly of the catholic affliction. Every time a catholic "leader" openes his (never a her is it)mouth, the silly, hate filled bigoted nonsense that emerges will have to have a couple of their number falling away in disgust. Cardinal Pell of Sydney and that Doland bloke in NY are good examples. And, that's before they start preaching, that's when the madness starts.


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