Monday, December 12, 2011

The Atheist-Islamo-Fascist Jihad On Christmas - Part Whatever

HIS one eye is
watching you!
Archaeologists have recently unearthed an early medieval hamlet in Germany. Amongst the relics found was a proclamation titled: Keep the Yule in Yuletide. It was written by Angst Wigan who was an extremely wealthy individual for his time. Angst utilized his personal fortune to pay runners to go to local communities and read aloud his editorials defending the traditional Germanic holiday of Yuletide against the Christians who wished to destroy it utterly.

Here is the translation of one of Angst's pieces.

People of Germany, there is good news to report! We are winning the War for Yuletide! As all of you are aware, there are  un-Germanic elements in our society who wish to destroy our traditional winter solstice holiday. They have been working tirelessly to replace the season's greeting of Happy Yuletide! to the subversive  Merry Christmas. Although Christians love to bray that Jesus is the reason for the Season, loyal Germans know that it is really the yule that puts the yule in the yule log, the yule boar, and, of course, the month of Yule. We are a yule-based society. We can ill afford to forget that it was due to Odin's love for His people that we were able to defeat the Roman Legions in the Teutoberg Forest so long ago, and that we enjoy our high standard of living due to His blessings. Anyone who doesn't like it can go back to Rome to eat their dead god and drink his blood.

Our recent boycotts of Sven's Tannery and Count Hackleberg's Haberdashery have yielded sweet fruit. They have taken down all of their pro-Christmas Christian propaganda and replaced it with wonderful Yuletide art. Greeters at those stores now wish customers Happy Yuletide! and offer children a free miniature figurine of the Divine Mothers or Odin fighting the Fenris Wolf. Best of all good German parents will not have to explain to their children why some people believe in an aberrant faith and practice barbaric rituals during our Nordic holiday.

Keep the faith brothers and sisters!

In Odin we trust,

Angst Wigan

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