Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Chat With The Kids About God And My Relatives

Pssst... the Catholic church
your parents bring you to
is EVIL.
Will, Ali, (9 and 6 years old) and I were driving to karate yesterday. The conversation turned to sphinxes. Yes, sphinxes. Will has beeen reading the Percy Jackson books which have the Greek gods as major characters.

Will: Dad, where can you find sphinxes?

Me: Well, there was the sphinx in Greece from the story Oedipus Rex who told the riddle...

I bit of pride swelled in me for recalling that bit of geek (Greek) trivia.

Ali: What was the riddle?

I was stumped, for some reason the riddle of the Sphinx always gets mixed up with the riddle Gollum asks Bilbo in "The Hobbit". Luckily Will saved me.

Will: No, the one in the desert.

Me: That's in Egypt. It's that huge monument.

Ali: Are sphinxes real?

Me: No, they're myth.

Ali: What's myth?

Me: Made up stories that typcially have gods and goddesses in them.

Ali: We don't believe in gods, or God do we?

Me: No, baby, they're just made up stories.

Ali: Aunt Ena, Grandma, and Mom, believe in God.

Me: Your Mom doesn't.

Ali: Aunt Ena says she does.

Now, my wife's aunt is over eighty, a cancer survivor, and has been very good to us. There's no way I'm going to give the woman unnecessary grief. But I'm not lying to the kids about their mum.

Me: Aunt Ena is wrong.


Me: Don't tell your aunt she's wrong. Do you understand?

Both kids: OK

I see this as a variation of our house's policy for the kids: God is an imaginary friend that many people have, except they don't know He is not real. Do not tell them He's imaginary, because they may get angry at you.

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