Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hinduism Still Sucks

The original Elephant Man
 In case you haven't noticed lately, Hinduism still sucks. Though I dislike the Abrahamic faiths there is a certain disdain reserved for Hinduism. Why?
  • It's like a comic book universe gone bad. All those gods and incarnations are just like the Marvel and DC fantasy worlds except people take that crap seriously. It's as if a load of folks thought Wolverine was real and had to worship his awesome powers of regeneration and adamantium skeleton - and the claws, of course.
  •  Hinduism's caste system. Evil and insipid - those two traits are linked so many times in religion and Hinduism is no different. You know that novel idea that everyone basically has the same rights? The caste system is kinda like that except some people have more rights than others. Why? The gods say so.
  • Misogyny on an industrial scale. Honor killings for women who don't follow the godly rules still occurs in India, and don't forget that female babies are much more likely to be victims of infanticide. (There is that wonderful Hindu quote: Raising a daughter is like watering your neighbors lawn.)
  • Hinduism gets a free pass here in America. Radical Islam is by far a greater threat, and for that reason the tyrannical system from the subcontinent gets overlooked.
But why rant about Hinduism at this particular moment?

Could it be that they did something incredibly idiotic recently?

I was cruising the internet and found this gem of an article.

Indian fury at Hindu goddess on skimpy swimsuits.
The latest goddess-inspired collection from a whale-loving Byron Bay swimsuit designer has sparked outrage in India.
Demonstrators in Amritsar burned the Australian flag and waved placards on Sunday in protest at a skimpy swimsuit print depicting the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, which was shown at Australian Fashion Week.

The swimsuit, from Byron Bay label Lisa Blue, shows Lakshmi - the goddess of wealth and beauty - on the front and back of the cutaway design.
This answers the burning question: What is more stupid than people getting upset about some hillbilly torching the Koran? 

The goddess on the swimsuit doesn't appear like some backup dancer in a Lady Gaga video either. On the swimsuit Lakshmi looks pretty much like this:

Now what may annoy some of the more pious is that the goddess is not only on the front of the suit, but also plastered right on the ass - like the butt crack bisects the goddess' face. *Insert obvious joke about deities being full of sh+t.*

Of course, the company that has created the blasphemous bathing suit has issued an apology. And of course the religious barbarians are not happy with just the company apologizing. Sky Fairy honor has been insulted! And now the Australian government needs to say they're sorry for insulting an absurd, despotic, misogynistic belief system.

My personal message to Hindus, Islamists, Christians, and Jews who wish to bully us into silence: You can suck my freedom. Suck it hard.

This is Purgatory.


  1. Don't forget cows. They worship one of the stupidest and ugliest animals on the world?

    1. U are a freaking idiot!!! They r worshipped bcuz of they're purity...

    2. purity? seriously? they smell worse than pigs!
      and please, i eat one of your gods for lunch. not so powerful now, eh?

  2. Very interesting... funny but true...
    Greek mythology atleast has some cool gods and animals.

  3. You ppl are freaking stupid for disrespecting one of the oldest religions in the world. If u can't say anything good then u should keep ur fu*king mouth shut... Find something better to do with ur time, u morons!!!

    1. F*ck off you dirty cow curry muncher.

  4. Excellent, a lesson in humility and right action from another religious fuckwit who somehow finds the time to gratuitously insult those who defend their freedoms. You have the freedom to worship your fairy gods, we have the freedom to laugh at you. Get over it or get out of it.

    1. It's not about freedom, it's about respecting other religions and what they believe in. Clearly u know nothing about the religion and just wanna talk crap about it or like u said "laugh at it". So good luck to u and ur stupidity and laugh all u want!!!

    2. F.Y.I- I'm not a very religious person but I have problem when ppl talk crap about any religion they know nothing about. Everybody has the freedom of speech but leave religion out of it!!!

    3. So atheist too get offended.
      How'd you find time to insult me, how you encroach my 'freedom', how can you do this - and that, and yes either funniest- 'get over it or get out of it'. Reminds of a dictator? Guess having a laugh.....

  5. i believe the cannot eat beef is totally rubbish

  6. just because it is old does not mean its true.

  7. Oh common you Hindus you're religion is just like some comic book it's entertaining but in the end you know it's full of shit. It is most absurd, non-realistic, impractical load of crap

  8. You know what else is old?
    Dinosaur's poop, you should worship that too schmucks.

  9. Hindus say wealth is illusion but worship goddess of wealth they are full of shit ,no sorry cow dung.they hate meat eaters but in there own religion there are fu*kin cannibals. www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEpJdHS1pV0

  10. They Eat Cow Dung and They Drink Cow urine. Just google it if you don't believe me.

    yup that makes them holy.


  11. Brother first understand the religion, I myself am not a believer but the logic in vedas is unquestionable, when malaria was uncurable, in india, people having pet cows didnt get infected exclusively,

  12. that makes them holy Sh*T

  13. Well do u guys ever went to India?? Anyone?? Did any one done any kind of research ?? I know you did't..... So better come to India experience our religion do some research and then laugh ok? And by the way who cares what you think about hindus... You guys are jeolous about us. Thats all... But I respect every religion.... Not like u all...

  14. Its so funny.....some of it is true .... They do have stupid customs and shit... I know coz I live there, most of the population are illiterate... So they easily believe shits... No one can do much....its gonna take at least a century to get rid of this .... Ppl living in metropolitan are a bit open minded... Problem is that there are only few developed cities....anyway you guys carry on cheers.

    1. then why the f*** do u live in india?

  15. to everybody who wrote here...
    i noticed that people who wrote bad comments wrote it "anonymously" and who wrote good.. mostly wrote their names ... now, does that mean the anonymous people here are AFRAID that they're speaking/doing something wrong ?
    and as far as cows are in the picture...u come to india and read about them , know about them , and then SPEAK , or you could look up on the internet as well..
    dont just flatter yourself by saying whatever shit u said, its immature !

  16. i live in india.hindu gods are dumest

  17. Unfortunately I was born here that's why.... Have to live with it

  18. Hinduism is more then a religion it is like science. I am hindu but I don't believe in God or any of the religion but the stories mentioned in the hindu scriptures are actually history that how things happend and with proofs Infact the type of difficult surgery people are doing these days is derived from hindu veds if u guyz don't believe it just go look into it. And people living in India who are ashamed of indian gods just go join some refugee camps because there is lots of things that other religions has stole from us and made it a part of their culture.

  19. Saying about goddess laxmi...wouldn't u all christian shout if i wear jesus printed underwears...:P
    nd cows they r worshipped 4 their purity...
    one questn 4 all christian if mthr mary is a virgin,, who son is jesus ???

  20. Then there's this Jesus guy
    who's supposed to be "God's
    Son", born of a virgin, because
    sex is something evil, and he's
    here to cut a deal to get you
    around his dad's wrath. God has
    an anger problem you see, and
    so he has to sacrifice his own kid
    to appease himself so that he
    doesn't have to torture people
    he created forever in Hell. So,
    Jesus has to die on the Cross
    for your sins, but then he's
    resurrected, so he's not really
    dead anymore. And now he's
    "paid the price" so those who
    "believe" in him will not fry in
    Hell like the rest of us.
    Christainity sucks more than ny other religion
    sex is a sin bt they keep f@kin all even of same sex..
    go to hell jesus,,

  21. You ask why we worship the cow? well, you see unlike the fancy professions we hold now, at one point, when we stopped being nomads, most of us became agriculturists. In those ages and even now, cows and oxen were very important. They helped till the ground, they produced manure for the plants, cows gave us milk and cow urine has many medicinal properties (go read up on it! ) . These 'ugly' animals helped one of the first world civilizations ( a mighty one at that ) to survive and hence we regard the cow as sacred.
    as for your 'reasons' :
    1) Hindus worship one god who we call the paramatma , all the gods you hear about are the forms of this one god
    2) the caste system started out as a way to organise society based on occupation. people were assigned a caste based on their ability and occupation rather than birth. Like any great religion , over time some of its mandates were twisted by some to suit their interests and it became something which most hindus are ashamed of and consider a huge blemish on the religion.(if you think i am bullshitting you, read up)
    3) the original hindu way respected women greatly. ever heard of maitreyi, lopamudra and gargi? they are one of the most revered scholars of the vedic age and they are all women. we worship women too. look at the range of female dieties . again, along the way , it became twisted .

    I understand that every human has the right to express themselves , but before you do so, please read up on your facts . why? simply because this kind of misunderstanding and shaming of any religion , not just hinduism leads to build up of resentment and hate wars.

  22. Hello every I would like to say some words here.. no matter what religion you belong first of all you are not muslim not hindu not Christian nothing first you are a human being and you should think that way. You guys are talking about religions so lemme tell you something. I am muslim and my religion tells me to respect every other religion just like my own. See, religions are not bad and they don't have bad rules its us who make it bad. For example my religion teaches me to respect women like we respect our mothers but its people like us who disrespect women rape our women!!!! Before judging someone's religion make sure you are perfect.

  23. The story of jesus and mary is something different dear brothers. Every one have his own beliefs. According to Quran Jesus(peace be upon him) was born ro virgin mary and he was not son of God.. this whole thing is written in Quran. QURAN is not only for Muslims you should also read it because it is complete way of life every matter is discussed in it and it has every solution.. 1400 years passed and no one could find something in quran which is against common sense..

  24. If every birth is a rebirth, and if every life pays for the previous life,
    then what were you paying for in your first birth?

    Hinduism/karmic law is so cruel. You never know how long it takes to pay it back.

    My bank can tell me how much I have left on my loan and How long it takes to pay back my loan.

    Karma is so cruel. You never know how long it takes to pay it back.


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