Monday, April 25, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Ground Zero For Idiocy

I'm not going to pull any punches. The upcoming Royal Wedding is the nexus point of various idiotic strands of that sad species known as homo religious. I have not talked to an atheist as of yet who is ga ga over the upcoming nuptials, and if I did I would sit them down and gently tell them that they are doing atheism wrong. Sure, one can be an atheist and fawn over the marriage of a descendant of inbred bullies to a "commoner", but by doing so you would have to shut off the areas of your brain dedicated to critical thinking. And an atheist who isn't attempting to critically think is an atheist who may as well believe in Count Chocula or that pineal gland is home to a person's immortal soul.

Allow me to highlight some of the religio-idiocy (sorry for the redundancy of terms) of this solemn event.

Royal guard cut from wedding after Kate complaints. In short, a guard complained that he thought Kate Middleton considers herself better than him, and now he is no longer on wedding duty. The first thought that flew into my mind is that of course she thinks she's better than you. In a few days time you will be her subject. That automatically puts you in peon status. You, my soldier friend, will still have to place your life on the line while Kate's biggest concern will be how to wave her hand properly. I support your right kvetch!

British Monarchy and religion are entwined. Queen Elizabeth is the Defender of the Faith and the head of the Church of England. When coronated she was anointed with holy oil and ate a piece of Jesus' flesh. (I still contend that if the church wants more worshippers Jesus' flesh should be a cheesy puff or perhaps a corn chip with some pineapple mango salsa.)

Of course, the Bishop of Canterbury is officiating the event and below is a short where he is rambling on about how "normal people" can look at the Royal Wedding and say to themselves "Gosh darn it, if they can get married so can I!". Another cheap propaganda trick he uses is saying that people who watch can become witnesses and support the two love birds with their prayers. This is simply absurdity lumped together with bushy eyebrows and a desperate desire to make the Church of England appear relevant.

Richard Quest: Why the Royal Wedding Matters This nugget I found on CNN's Faith Blog and demonstrates how insipid all the hype concerning the wedding is.
I have often wondered why I care about a family to which I am not related; that I will never know on personal or confidential terms; that has little bearing on what happens in my everyday life. In other words -- why do I care about the royal wedding?
My nine year old can identify the problem here. Mr Quest initially frames the question rationally Why does the Royal Wedding Matter? and I would expect some analysis regarding how the royal family acts as a rallying point for British society (they did stay in London during the Blitz in World War Two, for example) or  how the royals may be good will ambassadors to the world. As an aside, neither of the two arguments hold up under scrutiny. Winston Churchill's We Will fight on the Beaches speech as well as the unifying force of being attacked demonstrates that the monarchy was not necessary to keep Britain from falling apart during those dark years. Regarding the latter point, Britain churns out celebrities who can act as spreaders of good will.

Back to the article. I am not going to bore you with all the dribble. This paragraph sums up his point.
Next week, seen from outside, the rest of the world is witnessing the biggest reality show in the world. The wedding is the ultimate Big Brother. The logician can offer a thousand reasons why this whole business is anachronistic and unrealistic. That isn't the point. I will watch the ceremony and feel a part of it because it continues something which has been with me all of my life.
Right, logic, reasoning, and facts are not important. It's tradition. That and the might of the contemporary marital-industrial complex. The British economy will lose approximately  7.9 billion from lost productivity (the amount of trash gullible consumers will buy has already been taken into account), however the previous number doesn't include how much the wedding itself will cost to British taxpayers.

If I was going to flush all that money down the toilet I wouldn't want to think about facts or logic either.

This is Purgatory.

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  1. The monarchy – the ultimate self-entitlement institution!
    They inherit everything without any real risk, unlike their subjects of course who spend their entire life struggling. Overt privilege and in some way these people are supposed to be role models………what about parents, fire persons, police officers…..surely they are role models not a small group of interbreed royals with a made up name??
    The monarchy as head of the church is an outdated and bias institution which is completed unelected and 26 unelected bishops sit in the house of lords who make decisions that govern the people of the land…………and this is the 21st Century……….just unbelievable!!
    The monarchy like religion is just old thinking and an historical legacy……time to move on!
    Great post! :)


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