Saturday, September 4, 2010

30 Days of Blasphemy - Day 4 - Skeptic Blasphemy

I was reading through PZ Meyers' Pharyngula this afternoon and saw a post titled A taxonomy of dicks. Intrigued, and always willing to expand my knowledge of dickology, I read on. I clicked on a link that sent me to a blog named Science Digestive, written by Dr. Dean Burnett (PhD in neuroscience). The post he had written was A Beginner's Guide to Skeptical Dickery. It's worth a read, but what does it has to do with blasphemy?

Blasphemy, of course, is not limited to insulting the divine. I found this definition -
1.profane or contemptuous speech, writing, or action concerning God or anything held as divine

2.any remark or action held to be irreverent or disrespectful
Yesterday's blasphemy explored the idea that Atheism was not all that awesome and that even the most ardent Atheist (Christopher Hitchens) can't guarantee that he will always be an Atheist.  Although Atheism and Mr. Hitchens are not divine many people revere them. There is often a sense of emotional attachment that can have similarities with that of a worshipper to their god (I think I may have blasphemed again).  A Beginner's Guide to Skeptical Dickery is blasphemous in the same vein. Here, Dr. Burnett satirizes (blasphemes against) the sceptic community. Looking at the comments from readers supports the theory that satire is hard to pull off and even the smartest of individuals will simply not get the joke.

I think Dr. Burnett has done a great job.

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