Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To Discuss Atheism Or Not To?

I hear it occasionally from Atheists, "I don't talk about  my non-belief with people because arguing doesn't work," or "Debating a hardcore Catholic or Muslim is useless".

Maybe - maybe not.

We hairless apes are irrationally-emotionally attached to our ideas there is no doubt about that. Have you ever seen a pair of fanboys discuss the merits of Star Wars vs Star Trek? It can get ugly. I've gotten into heated arguments over which Star Wars movie is the best (Me? Empire Strikes Back). A buddy and I got into a discourse about Return of the Jedi. Those bloody Ewoks ruined it for me - period. He made a well reasoned polemic that highlighted the non-suck aspects of the movie. Ergo, I changed my rankings of the six movies.

My previous opinion
1. Empire Strikes Back
2. Star Wars
3. Revenge of the Sith
4. Attack of the Clones
5. The Phantom Menace (THE best light saber fight with Darth Maul)
6. Return of the Jedi

After my ubergeek-discourse
1. Empire Strikes Back
2. Star Wars
3. Revenge of the Sith
4. Return of the Jedi
5. Attack of the Clones
6. The Phantom Menace

Now I can give a lengthy defense of my choices. The first three movies (Star Wars, Empire, and Return) I saw when I was fairly young and they have an emotional attachment. My point is I took a long time reflecting on these movies (yes it's sad): Hayden's bad acting, the horrible romantic dialogue between Hayden and Ms. Portman (have you seen her in the movie Closer? She is magic), and the logical holes in a character's thought process (in Revenge why doesn't Yoda and Obi-Wan team up on the Emperor and then go after Anakin?).

You know what? I never told my friend that I conceded his point. That he was right. I was...can it be? Wrong. It took me a while to figure out my movie rankings. By the time I figured it all out maybe too much time had passed for me to tell him. He probably doesn't even remember the conversation.

Maybe - maybe not.

Maybe my deep dislike of the Ewoks made the decision harder and made it more difficult for me to admit to the virtues of Return of the Jedi. Maybe the irrational attachment to my original opinion made me "forget" to mention that he was right.

If I had that much difficulty deciding on something as silly(?) as Star Wars imagine how hard it is for believers in the Sky Fairy. What may seem like a waste of time talking with a Theist may actually be a first step for them to question their own metaphysical/moralistic view of the world.

Of course, it could be a complete waste of your time because...

this is Purgatory.


  1. I don't wear my believes/or lack of on my sleeve. I normally don't get into discussions with theists about their faith(s), the same with politics (I am wright, of course, and THEY are wrong). To me, it is the "polite" thing to do, I guess.

    Star Wars, however...;)

    Ewoks are kind of cute (in an annoying kind of way) and you know it, think of them as platypuses....

  2. You know when I meet new people (as long as it isn't at one of my wife's work functions)and they ask me what I "do" I mention the basics (my job, parenting, my film/writing interests) as well as this little Atheist comedy blog I do. I haven't gotten into a major thing with anyone as of yet though some are taken aback at my free wheeling use of the term Atheist.

  3. RotJ is still my least favorite... Episode V was definitely the best in terms of production, acting, effects, etc. But my heart still goes to Episode IV just because it was so damn awesome when it came out in 1977 and I was only 12....

    But if you removed the Ewoks and didn't make Boba Fett die in such a stupid way and had Princess Leia in her bikini longer and had more of the Luke/Vader interaction, it *could* have been a better movie.


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