Monday, August 2, 2010

God and Sexual Harassment

Here is a guest post from my friend Laurie Holman over at Laurie's Job Search Tidbits - Take A Bite. Laurie is an Atheist and has worked as a Career Counselor for a a number of years. Here is her post, enjoy!

These are two things you want to steer clear of in the workplace, and of course in your job search. Just as leering at your boss and grabbing his ass in the supply room is not only considered gauche but actually illegal (unless he’s into it), disgorging God propaganda at work is not likely to bring you accolades either, unless of course your career is God - related.

Surfing porn sites at work, going into explicit detail about your booty call the night before, telling your co-worker her boobs look good in that dress – these all fall under the “bad idea” category of workplace behavior. While not actually illegal, it’s usually considered almost as inappropriate to make a comment like “I’m sure I can finish that project by Friday, with God’s help,” which is more than likely to elicit a reaction as if you just pooped on the rug. In the same vein, praying at your desk or including “God loves you” in your email signature to clients will not win you any brownie points, unless you’re a priest.

Here are some more God utterances guaranteed to make prospective employers and colleagues squirm:

• God bless you (unless you just sneezed).
• The Second Coming is next month, so I’d like to take my vacation time before that.
• I’m enthusiastic about this position, but I leave it in the Lord’s hands (yeah, good luck with that).
• God told me to apply for this job (If God told you to jump off the roof, would you do it?).
• I’d be able to start next Monday, God willing (if he’s not, could you start Tuesday?).
• I wouldn’t be able to work evenings, since I have Bible study every night (not even one night off for bad behavior?).
• This is truly God’s work (actually, it’s Kate’s, but she’s out sick today).
• I’ll pray for your soul (sure, knock yourself out).
• Let’s pray tomorrow’s presentation goes well (how about we actually prepare for it instead?).
• Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior? (Look buddy, it’s 8 a.m. I just came in here for coffee).

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  1. I agree with all of them except the "God willing".


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