Friday, August 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Is Pro Gay Marriage?

Glenn Beck says leave the Gays alone?
Just got this on Youtube. The audio isn't good, but one can understand the argument.

Here's a bit of the transcript (click here for the article on Politics Daily).

BECK: Here's the reason, America. Your country is burning down. I don't think marriage, that the government actually has anything to do with . . .
O'REILLY: But they do have . . .
BECK: That is a religious rite. [Referring to the sacrament of marriage]
O'REILLY: I know, but they do have something to do, because gay marriage is going to be a reality in this country in 10 years.
BECK: Why do they have anything to do with it?
O'REILLY: Because they choose to, and you're not going to stop them, all right?
BECK: Actually, this is where we disagree.
O'REILLY: The Supreme Court may rule against gay marriage. Very possible.
BECK: You're willing to continue to go down the road of just accepting "well that's the way it is."
O'REILLY: I'm not accepting anything. I wrote a book about it. Don't give me this accept. Come on.
BECK: He's so hostile.
O'REILLY: Yes. I have to correct you. You are ignoring the profound change in the American family.
BECK: No, I'm not.
O'REILLY: But you're not covering it.
BECK: Because I think that the thing that needs to be covered -- Bill, I believe in a symphony. If we're all playing clarinets, we ain't going to get very far. A symphony needs to sound. I'm covering what I cover. You cover what you cover. Both of us are saying the same thing. Watch the culture.
O'REILLY: Do you believe -- do you believe that gay marriage is a threat to the country in any way?
BECK: A threat to the country?
O'REILLY: Yes. Is it going to harm?
BECK: No. Are the gay -- will the gays come and get us?
O'REILLY: OK. Is it going to harm the country in any way?
BECK: I believe that Thomas Jefferson said, "If it neither breaks my leg or picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?"

I just want to say that I don't think Glenn Beck is any less of a lunatic. But you have to appreciate his facial gestures and the way he uses them to mock O"Reilly.

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  1. I'm from the UK and not too familiar with Beck... but I was under the impression that he was your run-of-the-mill raging-homophobe theist?


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