Saturday, August 21, 2010

Carnival of Progressive Politics, Blog Update, AND Funny Pictures

My post Introducing Laughing in Purgatory University has made it into the recent edition of Carnival of Progressive Politics. There's a lot of good stuff there to read and worth a gander (maybe a chicken too).

I've also added some share buttons at the bottom of each post so you have two opportunities (at the top of each post there is a share button also) to share something you like.

Finally, I was at a going away party last night for a buddy (a bit younger than me) who is going into the military (there will be a post about this later). It was at a local VFW and my kids were there for the first hour. It seems that some of the younger crowd got Ali (my five year old) into a game of Beer Pong, of course Ali was drinking ginger ale. She never gets ginger ale so she thought it was AWESOME. Here are some pics.

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