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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Burn The Koran Day

I was reading Atheist Revolution today and came across a post concerning Dove World Outreach's Burn the Koran Day! Vjack included a clip from CNN which demonstrated that the standards of intelligent debate have dropped pitifully low. I suggest everyone see the clip and read vjack's reasonable response by clicking here.

However, I am far from reasonable and have some poster suggestions for any protesters of Burn the Koran Day.

I learned that Heinrich Heine quote from watching The World At War when I was a kid.

Those were good times...

in Purgatory.


  1. Roasted rabbit is actually not bad....

  2. I believe burning books is simply silly. But let them burn all of the “holy-books,” is there any other better way of disposing of this trash?

  3. Well, ideally these "holy books" will be relegated to the Mythology section of a bookstore or library. Burning books isn't necessary, if anything it will earn you enemies (much like flag burning) and obscure one's original intent to the public.

  4. Letting muslims actually read that shit is way more effective than burning.

  5. The problem with letting them actually read the koran or babble, though it seems few do, is that there's this big infrastructure babbling away that it's all literal and true. Let them read Harry Potter!

  6. I am very much against this sort of behavior. I am as ardent an anti-theist, but burning a book is a simple act of hatred and oppression very similar to what went on in Nazi Germany. This behavior is very similar to the antisemitism found in Germany, and throughout large parts of Europe in the 1930s and 40s.

  7. Guys, seriously. Can we just get a whole bunch of protesters to show up at this 'Burn the Koran' day and burn a bunch of Bibles across the street? Can we do that, please? I mean, it's not sacred to us. If they're burning 'holy' books, why don't we join in?

  8. I think a Christian church was going to host this event. Ironic isn't it, one devil thinks the other is evil. If you have to stoop so low as to burn books(I'd say an intelligent criticism of the book itself will deal a hell lot of a damage), why not take out *all* of the trash?


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