Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Am I A Militant Atheist?

I read other blogs quite a bit and I'm thinking...

I may be a militant.

By militant I mean a person who has been consumed by a particular cause. In my case Atheism. It could border on being dysfunctional if other aspects of a person's life are eclipsed. Militants are typically poor company unless you happen to be a like minded militant.

Here is the evidence as I see it.
  1. I read about how other Atheists bring their kids to church run preschools and I cringe big time. The meat and potatoes of churches are to build up these emotional bonds with its members. I'm just going to say it, if parents are stewards of our children's rights then church run preschools should be the last choice.
  2. I'm a capital A Atheist. I'm sure you have all noticed it. If the other side can abuse children, fight against gay rights, and spread superstitious Intelligent Designery (that's right, I make up my own words too!) then I feel comfortable bending the rules of grammar.
  3. I make up and sing Atheist songs. I personally find this to be a disturbing development (check out my new Purgatory Youtube channel).
  4. I've been watching Glenn Beck and have been on his site a number of times looking for stuff to make fun of. I have not been disappointed.
  5. I tell my kids that, "God is the make believe friend of a lot of people. Make sure you do not tell them that. They will get upset."
On the other hand...
  1. It's not like I talk Atheism all the time. I have a wide range of conversational topics: politics, history, and MMA, to name a few. My friends would consider me "Funny Andy" as against "Mad Dog Andy".
  2. I teach my kids to be tolerant of other people. These other people may have wacky beliefs that they don't understand, but that doesn't make them bad people per se.
  3. I spend most of my time schlepping along and not plotting the ununiversal demise of religion.
  4. Most importantly I think of jokes that are not of an anti-religious nature. The day that my comedy setting is stuck on Atheism is the day I need to time myself out.
  5. What do I spend my time thinking about? Besides sex my mind drifts onto zombies quite a bit. I'm a big fan of 28 Days Later, all the Dead (Dawn of and Night of) films, and the book World War Z. I spend a lot of time reflecting on the nuances of zombies. When not thinking about sex, zombies, and Atheism, I squeeze in minor topics like parenting and my job. Occasionally beer will get promoted to my top tier of cognition.
So am I a militant Atheist?

Probably not. I may be passionate but that's understandable when so much of the world is outta wack. I prefer to think of myself as an island of sanity (albeit a snarky, sarcasmy island) in the Delusional Sea of Deity.

I think that's a rational choice...

in Purgatory.

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  1. What about sex with zombies?

    No, I am not militant atheist. I keep as informed as I can of the A culture and subcultures but that is about it. I guess I am more of a militant secularist if you will.

  2. I love the honesty (and humor) of this post. Passionate is good. Necessary, I'd say.

  3. How about sex with atheist zombies - eating chocolate? Sorry, I feel compelled to add chocolate to pretty much everything.

    "The Delusional Sea of Deity." I like it.


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