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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What the F*ck?

I was just going to mention how my Purgatory University post got accepted into The Bobo Carnival of Politics (always worth a look!) when I saw this on Yahoo News. America creates it's own unique flavor of insanity (as do other nations) and it's no surprise that this piece d'art was funded by the North Iowa Tea Party.

You know who I feel sorry for? Papa Joe Stalin. That guy needs a better agent. You never see him listed at the top of the a**hole list. He was by far a more successful dictator than Hitler or Lenin. Sure, Lenin got the groundwork going, but Stalin took the ball and ran with it.


  1. Stalin gets no play at all, which is rather odd considering that his face was plastered on every available surface in the USSR and they renamed St. Petersburg to Stalingrad. (I think it was St. Petersburg, anyway.)

  2. The irony of the words "fearful" and "naive" on this billboard is almost too much to handle!

  3. St. Petersburg was renamed to Petrograd during WW1 because 'Petersburg' sounded too German. Then it was renamed again to Leningrad. And then back to St. Petersburg.

    Tsaritsyn was the city which became Stalingrad (and then Volgograd). Not only to praise Stalin, but I'd guess that also any city with the word 'Tsar' in it was not going to have a happy time in Bolshevik Russia.

  4. I'm still stuck on Obama's pic nestled next to Hitler. Where was this? Iowa? Figures.

  5. Obama being compared to Hitler has been going on for most of his term. Bush was compared to Hitler for much of his administration as well. Zombietime did a blog about this sometime last year.

  6. This is an example of over reach by the Tea Party folks. I believe the board is down or about to go down.

  7. Does no one else find it ironic that the *Tea Party* have put up a billboard stating that "Radical Leaders prey on the fearful and naive"?


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