Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Official Mascot

I would like to introduce you to the official mascot of Purgatory - Ornithorhynchus anatinus or the Platypus.

This animal is an all round badass of it's environment. You doubt my assertion? Let's look at the facts.

  1. The creature is at home on land and water. Platypus have webbed feet as well as a beaver-like tale that propels itself 'round it's watery domain. On land is hustles on its knuckles as to not mess up the webbing. Have you ever walked around on your knuckles for extended periods of time? I imagine it's tough going ergo amping the street cred of the platypus.

  2. Electroreception - that's right the platypus has the ability to sense the electricity generated by the muscles of it's prey. Where are the receptors for this sixth sense? Where else but that magnificent duck bill it sports. That's right... there is nowhere to hide.

  3. POISON! Yep, the platypus is one of the few mammals that pack venom. Guess where the poison is injected from? No, this critter isn't a snake - the platypus doesn't have fangs in it's mouth. The platypus has it's poisonous spur in it's hind leg. Didn't expect that did you? Neither does the platypus' enemies.

Of  course the playpus will be representing our soon to be P.U. online University which will include the football team - The Fighting Platypi

I'm taking suggestions for a proper name of our mascot (Perry is out of the running).

Here is the original post for Purgatory University (P.U.).
Introducing Laughing In Purgatory University


  1. I suggest "Pluto" the Platypus.

  2. How about 'Purgy'...I's a hell of a name.

    Dave P.

  3. How about Plato? (The Thinking Man's Mascot.)

    BTW, all 4 instances of "it's" in this post should really be "its", the possessive of it. (Sorry, the Grammar Nazi in me occasionally surfaces.)


  4. Four suggestions:

    1) Schrolinger (Pronounced "Shweggler"). Shrogglie for short.

    2) Jhannu-San Nakkaraka Sem-Imipetta Nun-Kassa
    (Jhannu-San Nakkaraka Sem-Imipetta Nun for short.)


    4)The Unquenchable Burn.
    (Or "The Unquenchable Bird"
    - as in mammal bird.)


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