Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My New Super-Cool Religion: Funny Hats!

I've been developing my own religion for some time now.

I've overlooked an important aspect for my new super-cool faith...

funny hats.

Nothing more says, "I'm so hardcore about my particular brand of Sky Fairy (or Sky Fairies as may be the case) that I am wearing this outrageous thing on my head."

See?  Those serpents are getting the Hell out of Ireland because of St. Patrick's badass hat. Look! It has a halo around it signifying it's badassery! How else could St. Patrick sell the Irish on anything as ridiculous as the Trinity?

It was THE HAT!

It's cross cultural too. When Mayan and Aztec priests were doing all those human sacrifices they needed a little something something to keep their hair in check.

I don't even know if that's supposed to be a hat. You know who doesn't care? The poor bastard that's about to get his chest ripped open so his still beating heart can be raised up to the sun. 

Hat's can come in and out of fashion. I don't know which hat to use yet for my new cult, but I know it needs to have a timeless style. I don't want to simply go with the fashion of the day.

Look at what happened to these guys.

(thanks wikipedia)

I don't want a look like that. It looks sooo vintage and my new cult needs a fresh vibe. Something that says timelessly insane instead of 19th century psychosis.

I do like the fire, maybe I'll keep it sans cross.

It's all about image...

In Purgatory.

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  1. Is that... the FSM at the funny hat-guy's feet???

  2. Here's an idea for your cult hat: How about the shape of a beer mug?


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