Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Justin Bieber - The Devil's Disciple!

I have an announcement to make - Justin Bieber is the tool of the Devil!

It's true, that fresh faced 15 year old boy who sings such songs as: Love Me, One Less Lonely Girl, and U Smile, is Trojan Horsing the arch fiend Satan!

How do I know this?

I was on the Westboro Baptist Church's  (you know those folks who picket soldiers funerals because the USA doesn't throw gays into easy-kill ovens) website and God is telling them to picket Mr. Bieber's concert in Kansas City, Missouri on 7/28 at the Sprint Center. The good people at Westboro have been able to see through Justin Bieber's treacherous ways.
Justin Bieber has a platform given to him by God to speak to this world; he has a duty to teach obedience by his actions and words. He refuses to do that because he knows his concert halls would be empty! So, he teaches you to sin and rebel against God's commandments. That is how he got to pose with Anti-Christ Beast Obama last December while performing at Christmas in Washington. He and Obama are of one mind and they are leading this nation to hell! Justin will answer to God! Our message: Put away your idols and filthy manner of life and OBEY TODAY!!
That is such good writing because they mentioned Obama is still the Anti-Christ (in case you have forgotten)!

It's easy to laugh off these lunatics because they don't try to hide their lunacy. They take pride in their Evil Sky Fairy and goddammit they will scream from the highest peaks about it. However (yes there is always a however), they are much less dangerous than those people and institutions that masquerade as legitimate. If the religious leaders of Westboro were molesting children would they get the same hands off treatment by authorities that the Catholic Church has traditionally been given? If the Westboro Church had decided that Empire State building had to flicker its lights because of Jesus would anyone care? When the owners of the building refused to honor Mother Theresa's 100th birthday the Catholic Church played it for sympathy - which is good because it distracted people from all the kiddie f*cking done by priests. If the Westboro folks were the only ones saying that traditional marriage needed to be saved from those horrible homosexuals then gay marriage would have been legalized thoroughout the country a long time ago.

Religion is innately radical. Religion is innately authoritarian. Religion is innately anti-reason.

There is no such thing as a legitimate religion.

I applaud the Westboro Baptist Church because it shows us the true face of faith: intolerant, hateful, and un-American.

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  1. I remember making a comment to someone a few weeks ago, that fanatics like those at Westboro are actually following the Bible the way it reads . . . hmm . . . what does that tell us? Ha.

  2. I think it's funny that you said that 'faith' is un-American, considering the States were founded by religious people who wanted to worship their faith freely. Not knocking the article, the JB bit cracked me up, the rant at the end is really lame though, and I'm an atheist.

  3. @ Anonymous- Thanks for the compliment about the humor!

    Now down to business.

    The Constitution and the Treaty of Tripoli paint a picture of a secular American state. The President vows to uphold the Constitution and not the Ten Commandments. When I reflect on what is American I think of that.

    The States were founded by a variety of people - some came for religious reasons. Those people came here because of religious intolerance in their native lands. Once they came here most wanted to persecute anyone of a different faith. This brings me back to the "religion as authoritarian" argument. Religion is at its root intolerant and ergo un-American (in terms of the ideals stated in the aforementioned documents).

  4. Using religious use of state power (John Jay) to 'prove' that religion is innately authoritarian is as absurd as using the atheist use if state power (Joseph Stalin) to 'prove' that atheism is innately authoritarian. State power is itself innately authoritarian.

    Speaking as an atheist, religion really isn't the problem- the state and kyriarchal society are.

  5. Not all authoritarian systems are religious - religion is at it's heart authoritarian. No group votes to read the mind of god(s). God doesn't reveal himself to the masses - it's always one guy in a desert (or some such private area) and that guy coerces others to do god(s) will.

    You can always say that government is coercive, that someone in the society is going to be made to do something that they don't want to (it's absurd to call a State innateley authoritarian if it forces a member not to murder innocents). However, some governments, such as the "Free" (more so than less) States of the West balance the needs of the group while respecting the rights of the individual. Religion does not do such a balancing act unless forced to (look at the Catholic Church and the child abuse scandals). Religions doesn't suddenly hold a vote and say, "You know -that whole Gays going to Hell thing is outta line."

    As a note: I don't think it matters if a person is an Atheist or not when responding to a point - there is a danger in falling into adhominem attacks.

    I also want to thank you for a good cooment.

  6. Yes a lot he is catholic or other christan but ya he belives in God and loves him
    Yes he does! If you buy his new cd, "My World", and read the acknowledgements he says, "Last but never least I want to thank the Big Man Himself....Jesus." Hope this answers your question! <3 Tuckerluv88

  7. I also dislike Justin Bieber but i also feel everyone in entitled to their own opinion!
    Im not saying this is wrong, but i also think by bringing in the matter of gay marriages, and the molestation of small children by priests may offend many people! Im only saying, that when trying to get a point across you may want to think about writing specifically about the person you have choses to convey as 'The Devils Disciple' and by bringing in other matters such as the previously mentioned will put people of the subject and produce negative feedback such as a few certain ones above. I hope i have not offend anyone as this comment was not at all meant to.

  8. Even though this is from 2010 I have to confront this ignorance......
    just because Justin performed for Obama at a Christmas event doesn't mean he's related to Satan in any way whatsoever. You may be right about Obama but you are certainly wrong about Christan Justin Drew Bieber
    Justin is a born again believer of Christ, just when he was about 10 he knew he believed in jesus and told his mom he wanted to be saved. Justin always makes sure to thank God and mention that he is very blessed. His mom is way more religious than he is..... She is one of those Christians who pray for the world and the worlds problems. Now I can't believe is post and the ignorance behind it and how hatred some people can be towards celebrities with success. Who says you cant be famous and love Jesus at the same time

  9. "I applaud the Westboro Baptist Church because it shows us the true face of faith: intolerant, hateful, and un-American" <--That it does. Brainswashed idiots. Seriously.

    Jesus, religion sucks. God doesnt make you do crap. It really really annoys me. Seriously, all those people who act in gods will, what the fuck. If the whole point is to love one another why so much hate in christianity. Yep. I've got serious jew envy. And i'm supposed to sponsor my sister in confirmation tomorrow? Ugh. Get me out of here!


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