Saturday, June 5, 2010

Would you say that your atheism is as important to you as someone's religion is important to him/her? (let's imagine a "true believer," not just someone who goes to church on Sundays)

It's an interesting question and one I'm going to be careful about because I don't want to offend Theists. Now you may say that's crazy, Laughing In Purgatory is nothing but offensive to believers. Yes and no, I do talk about the silliness of the Sky Fairy, but that is a critique on the belief of the Sky Fairy and not on the character, per se of the believer. It would be disingenuous for me to automatically say, "My belief in Atheism is more important to me that any "true believer's" belief in their god," because I'm not a mind reader nor can I peer into another person's heart.

Luckily for you, dear reader, there was a time that I was a true believer (and thought about going into the ministry). My mind (as Luther would put it) would "rest on God". I would think about God, pray, and attempt to convert my heathen friends. I was troubled that I would go to Hell because of playing Dungeons and Dragons. I was in deep. Comparing my current Atheist state of mind with my religiousy past is easy.

Yes, Atheism is just as important to me now as Christianity was back in the day.


  1. No, for me atheism is nowhere near as important as a true believer's religion is likely to be. This is because atheism really isn't anything but the lack of god belief. What may be as important to me, however, is the struggle for atheist civil rights.

  2. Loving your caution at not offending theists.
    How so?
    Why do we have to walk quietly around the scripture classes and other nonsense?
    Let the offense begin, we are not living in Iran at least!

  3. I think the important distinction is that atheists will not go to the ends of the Earth for their beliefs. By that, I mean that if god were proven to be true by science, many atheists would accept the fact. Theists, on the other hand, need their beliefs so badly that they ignore all reasonable evidence to the contrary. My atheism is very important to me, but only so far as it is not contradicted by science.

  4. Hmm, I consider Atheism (and understanding science for me is implicit in Atheism) is the eyepiece that I see the world through. In that way Atheism is as important to me as a true believer's god (they see the world through their faith). I can empirically say that Atheism is a better way to understand the world.

    I give Theists a load of crap every day. Occasionally I like to point out that it's their belief system that I have issue with. If a Theist were to look at my response I would hope that it would give them pause to think about how they treat Atheists in general.

  5. I agree with vjack that, for me, atheist civil rights is an important issue, and I also agree with Andy that, for me, atheism and science are intrinsically linked.

    But Andy, if there is a hell you will certainly be going there for playing Dungeons and Dragons...

    ...and I'll be there with my dice.


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