Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Which Religion Is The Worst?

It's an interesting question isn't it? I placed a new poll up and you can vote on this burning issue. You can choose one of the five major world faiths (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism). In a week I will do a post with my opinion on which religion is the worst and why.

I've also added a My Movies page where I have posted some (not all) of the short films I wrote/directed. A few are Atheist related, most are funny, and one may be considered disturbing (and funny).

I added this cool rotating globe thingy that shows when people visit the site and where they are from. It's actually part of a  plan devised by the Religious Right to ferret out Atheists so the Mind Control Satellite can be trained on'em. Yes, this does mean I'm a double agent - sorry to break the news.

Of course, feel free to use the Ask Me Anything page to anonymously ask me a question.


  1. Islam. It actively suppresses women and free speech and condones violence "in the name of Allah".

    It's backwards and primitive.

  2. Right now it's neck and neck! But it's still early!

    Christianity 1 vote
    Islam 1 vote

  3. Hands down I voted for Islam. Not only does it suppress women and free speech, it establishes itself as a state.

    Total and dominant control over all aspects of life. Not a pleasant way to go.

    But I suspect Islam will go the same way as Catholicism once went.

    But who the hell voted for Buddhism?

  4. Hey, this looks good! Islam will have to win this poll. Even the craziest christians don't fly planes into buildings and in most cases, don't blow up embassy buildings. Look at what islamic extremism has done to our world. Two hours tp board a plane, shrivelling of privacy rights, free speech, cartooning etc. For something that is so bombastically bullsh*t, it wields a lot of power. Look, they're welc0ome to believe what they wish. just don't expect the rest of us to follow.

  5. Islam clearly has elements that are despicable and wrong. Ranging from oppression and abuse of women to terrorist groups that carry out attacks on the innocent.

    Common knowledge to the slightly above average American will peg Islam as the #1 baddies. I cannot vote yet though. The lasting effects of the Caste system in India are still harmful to the society. Hindus enslaved their own people. They and outcast the physically deformed and retarded to starve and die.

    The truth is, throughout history, many of the major religions have committed horrible crimes of social oppression, murder, slavery and terrorism. The current biggest threat is Islam but to claim one overall worse than the other is a task far outside my training in religion, history and philosophy.

    If I have to pick one, I would pick Judaism as the worst. My reasoning being that they have suffered persecution ,genocide and hatred since their beginning. Being a Jew at many key points in history has to be the "worst" of any of them. And seriously...How many religions can say that anyone stingy or greedy can jokingly be attributed to their faith?

  6. I haven't read your whole site yet, but... is Buddhism a religion? A belief system, sure, but so are socialism, conservatism, marxism, science, ufology, astrology etc etc etc

  7. No fair. Christianity has a 600 year head start.

  8. I couldn't vote either.....Islam is the new medieval Christianity. Can't pick a worst.

  9. For Szwaiger, Buddhism is considered to be a major world religion. I will touch on this point in a few days when I do the poll wrap-up.

  10. =which form of death is more lethal

  11. I needed a "Running neck-and-neck" option in order to vote.

  12. I'm going with Christianity. Sure, Islam might seem more violent and stifling. But the Christians are more dangerous because they've evolved past globally obvious acts of violence. They're making the U.S. Government their home, and eventually, if things continue the way they are, they'll control America. Not to be too nationalistic, but we are one of the most powerful (military wise) nations on Earth. Imagine Christianity having the power of the U.S. military/government behind them. Islam is bringing a knife to the fight, Christianity won't show up, they'll stay miles away and use a sniper rifle.

  13. I'd say monotheism - in which case, it's Judaism as the root of them all!

  14. "I'd say monotheism - in which case, it's Judaism as the root of them all!"

    Well Judaism is not really a monotheism. They got Ell(some god), Ellohim(a collection of gods), Yahwe, Baal.. The first commandment is: You shall have no other gods before me(stay away from all other gods coz I'm jealous)

    The same is true for christianity : jesus, god the father, a lot of demigod saints to whom people pray and supposedly receive miracles from, including jesus's mother. And of cource Satan.


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