Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I've Learned Blogging

It's been just over six months since I started Laughing In Purgatory and here are some tidbits I've picked up.
  1. I can crank out material. I've always had the fear that I would wake up one day and not be funny or that the comedic well had run dry. Writing this blog has allayed that fear.
  2. Writing every day is hard. This is not for the undisciplined.
  3. Atheists are a wide assortment of people. D'uh you may say - fair enough. It's interesting that my most vigorous discussions are not with Theists, they are easy to deal with, rather it is with non-God people about morality, responsibility, political action, etc.
  4. Atheist bloggers by and large are fairly decent people. They tolerate my antics and support the variety of ramblings that I call posts.
  5. I never want the Theists to go away completely. Who would I make fun of? Oh wait, I forgot about politicians, lawyers, and BP (I know they won't be in the news forever though I suspect some other company will take their honored spot).
  6. I've learned a lot. It's kinda funny, when you read informative posts some of that information - just by osmosis - sticks in one's head.
  7. My screenwriting has helped my blogging. Screenwriting is about using language economically (maybe not if you are Quentin Tarantino) blogging is similar.
  8. I have become less computer illiterate. Got that? I'm not even close to being computer savvy, but I'm not in the Special-Needs class anymore (and yes I can make that joke because I was in a Special Needs school/pullout classes for a time).
  9. My children are useful for something else beside tax deductions. I've gotten some good material from them.
  10. I need to learn quite a bit more so I can make fun of more people. There's a lot of crazy religions in dem dere hills! I need a map to explore every nook and cranny.

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  1. I like number 5 the most, probably because right now I am extremely pissed off at the so-called judiciary in my country and the retarded politicians.

    Here's what I last posted.


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