Sunday, June 13, 2010

This I Do Not Believe.

I Do Not Believe:

in fairies,

in Sky Fairies,

that Moses parted the Red Sea,

the Earth was made 5,000 years ago,

that my soul is going to Magic Candy Mountain after I die,

in preventing people who are gay from marrying out of superstitious belief,

that the Koran is any more a depiction of morality than the latest X-Men comic,

that the first man and woman were sweated out from the armpits of the giant Ymir,

eating ham, getting a tattoo, or turning on a light switch on Saturday will get you into divine trouble,

that the souls of the dead get an on ramp to Paradise if their ashes are tossed into the Ganges River.

I Believe:

in the First Amendment,

that I can make a difference,

"That man is born free and everywhere he is in chains."

and I know there are worse places to be...

than Purgatory.


  1. Oh, how could I have forgotten about the light switch on Saturday thing? I love that one!

  2. Aw, I like this. You could edit "man" to "[hu]man is born free..." and it would be perfect :)

  3. Yep, I thought about the hu(man) thing, but I blame it on that White Dead European guy Rousseau who came up with the saying.

  4. When I use man in that sense I certainly don't mean it as "male". To me, this is somewhat petty and runs counter to it's intentions. Like (his) I hate that one. I suppose I have a limited perspective being as I am a male. Maybe I'll accept it as a valid argument someday. But I still throw up a little when I hear this criticism.

  5. Yeah, most people don't mean it as male, but as a female, it certainly throws me out of the sentence. Also, back in the day, people did mean it as male, and nowadays it's just a nasty reminder of how things used to be/still are in some realms.


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