Monday, June 28, 2010

My Newest Confession: I'm A RUSH Geek

I was checking my Facebook page when one of my buddies posted about a mind blowing, world changing event...

Rush has finally gotten a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (check it out here).

What? You don't know who Rush is?

Rush are the Patron Saints of white middle class guys from the suburbs - doesn't that sound awesome?

Seriously, Rush is a band from Canada that started out in 1968 and are made up of three guys: Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson. They have made 24 gold albums and 14 platinum albums. These three are musicians' musicians with intelligent and dare I say Atheist leaning lyrics. If you know Rush then you either love them or hate them - that is the typical response. The band either resonates in that uber-geek/autistic center in your brain or they don't. Much like autism, Rush fans are very likely to be male.

Geddy Lee, the lead singer and incredible bassist, is in the Atheist camp (yay us!). Here is an excerpt from an interview:
I consider myself a Jew as a race, but not so much as a religion. I’m not down with religion at all. I’m a Jewish atheist, if that’s possible… I celebrate the holidays in the sense that my family gets together for the holidays and I like being a part of that. So I observe the 'getting together' aspect.
One of my favorite songs from Rush is Witch Hunt.

The night is black, without a moon.
The air is thick and still.
The vigilantes gather on
The lonely torchlit hill.  

Features distorted in the flickering light,
Faces are twisted and grotesque.
Silent and stern in the sweltering night,
The mob moves like demons possessed.
Quiet in conscience, calm in their right,
Confident their ways are best.

The righteous rise
With burning eyes
Of hatred and ill-will.
Madmen fed on fear and lies
To beat and burn and kill.

They say there are strangers who threaten us,
Our immigrants and infidels.
They say there is strangeness to danger us
In our theatres and bookstore shelves,
That those who know what's best for us
Must rise and save us from ourselves.

Quick to judge,
Quick to anger,
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand.

Oh yah! Witch Hunt is my favorite upbeat ponies pooping out rainbows running through a field of pansies song from Rush.

What else are you going to sing to...

In Purgatory.


  1. Took 'em long enough. I'd been waiting for this for a while.

  2. I saw them at the Saginaw Civic Center in Saginaw MI in 1978 or 79?
    Anyway, it was before they really took off here in the U.S.
    The venue wasn't even half full...the best concert I ever attended.

  3. I believe his name is Neil Peart.

  4. I am also a big Rush fan. I saw them in San Jose on their Power Windows tour. Although, I mostly prefer Rush prior to Power Windows. I am glad they are getting a Hollywood star but it would be great if they could get into the Rock n Roll Hall of fame.

  5. His name is Neil Peart and I knew that. A case of poor editing on my part. Thanks!


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