Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alan Turing's Birthday

Today is Alan Turing's birthday.
Born June 23rd 1912 - Died June 7th 1954 
Many do not know of his service to his country, the United Kingdom,
during its Darkest Hour.  
Many do not know of his contribution to modern mathematics 
and to computer science.  
Alan Turing was an atheist. 
Alan Turing was gay.
Please watch this short film.


  1. Interesting little vignette on a great man. The free world owes him a great debt of thanks.


  2. More people should know his story.

  3. Hear hear - but please could you remove the apostrophe in "it's darkest hour"?

  4. Great Man! In my opinion (and in that of many others) Turing deserves to be awarded with a posthumous Knighthood; the least that Britain can do for him.

  5. I believe that the woman holding the sign in the video is being ironic and taking the mickey out of the anti-gay protesters beside her.

  6. The UK doesn't award posthumous knighthoods. That's why Darwin doesn't have one.

    Thanks for posting this. Turing was a hero. I didn't know it was his birthday.


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