Saturday, May 29, 2010

They're In Up To Their Necks

I asked the talented writer of the blog Common Sense Plus (here is the link) Randall "Doc" Fleck to do a guest post and he graciously agreed. I will return the favor and do a guest post for him sometime in June. Enjoy the read!

They're in up to their necks - and they know it.

I'm not one who'd put much stock in the rapture being true, that certain god-followers will magically disappear in blocks of millions all headed for Heaven, but I'm quite prepared to see a remarkable decrease in the number of Christians, Baptists and other sects, too; yet, I expect this for quite different reasons than the promise of the rapture come true - they're all gunna quit sooner or later.

Lets take stock. America as a country of people may not be able to honestly claim itself as the brightest society on Earth. We have our share of morons. It's true. But still, we're not overrun by such a great slew of dimwits that we'll crowd out every other society as the sole owners of the bottom ranks on the I.Q. scale. We're a smart enough group overall. And with that in mind, I'll take my chances on predicting that the average church-going American will soon figure it all out (by finally trusting his own brain) that he's been to foolish to long. He'll finally choose to end his involvement with religion completely - all on his own.

Although he's in up to his neck in a real world lifetime of investment into religious nonsense, having both his money and his emotional pride at stake, the run-of-the-mill American Christian will know well enough when his time has come to call it quits, and then, with all the strength of his natural American courage, he'll walk away clean. It will be that simple.

Rapture anyone? I suspect that we may be seeing a twisted modern-day real version of it, something not so very exciting or magically Biblical, but I do, in fact, suspect we'll be seeing it in some shape sooner rather than later.

Mark my words. They, American Christians, know the game's over. And the first rats (the smart ones) are already on the run.

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  1. I think the country is getting more secular over time, but it's a long journey and it isn't a straight path (two steps forward, one step back).


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