Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas Text Book Changes

The Ten BIG Changes In Text Books
Thanks To The Texas Board Of Education

  1. Screw the Copernican Sun centered Solar System! Earth is back to being center stage baby!
  2. Columbus didn't discover America, Jesus did.
  3. Jews were God's chosen people until Jesus made Americans perfect.
  4. God hates the U.N. - it's in one of the lesser known Bible verses.
  5. The Confederacy won the Civil War. They were gracious winners and kept the Union flag and National Anthem.
  6. Slaves had it good! They got a free all expense paid trip to America!
  7. Fox news has a hot line to Heaven. That's why they're always right.
  8. The KKK is the fourth branch of government.
  9. All High School students will need to answer this question, How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
  10. Evolution is just a theory, like the existence of the Loch Ness Monster is a theory. Intelligent Design has been intelligently designed by a Divine Intelligence and you can get to know Him in any Baptist Church on Sunday.


  1. degenerates (PZ) or children (HEMANT) - ATHEISTS!

    do you have anything to say, you STUPID LITTLE F*CKER?

    Now let's listen to this *GENIUS*

    how about I tell you, Mr. Shermer, EVERYTHING YOU THINK ABOUT THE WORLD is

    you cannot SILENCE ME... for the idiot called *





    you are going to learn even to TALK about GOD the way you do is going to cost

    you your lives...

    the writing on the wall...

    f*ck you very much!

    THE BOOBQUAKE - 911!

  2. DM, I'm OK with your whole ranting thing you've got going on. However, I am going to ask you not recycle old messages. Keep it new! Keep it fresh! Otherwise I will have to block you.

  3. Hey, you stole my troll. Or was it the other way around?
    Anyway, maybe we should all get together and offer a prize to anyone who can figure out exactly what this idiot is saying?

  4. I don't mind if he doesn't make sense. What I care about is that he comes with is a new slant on the rant.
    Trolls (I'm sitting back in my leather bound chair smoking my pipe with my fez on)are a renewable resource like the sun or wind. There are enough for all and they keep on going...

  5. "...and after a ferocious taunting of the Trolls, Sir Andy retired before a crackling fire to a pipe and brandy."
    (Best when spoken in a British accent)

  6. Ignorant assholes do have a penchant for redundancy, so I wouldn't expect any original rant material any time soon.

    I like the British sentiment, though Andy isn't really a pipe and brandy kind of guy....

  7. I do like a glass of Port now and then.

  8. I found him. His name is Jonas Thomas. I sent him an email to his address.
    I C U Jonas

  9. Jonas Thomas, it's a good Christian name.

  10. It sounds much better if you assume an upper-class twit British accent and then announce "Jonas Thomas, bloviating wanker"...

  11. Hey, what's wrong with a British accent? I have one and I'm not a bloviating wanker...


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