Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hutaree vs Hezbo-Hamas

This is a post that will not challenge you intellectually. This is a post of "D'uh!" or "D'oh!" (done in a Homer Simpsonesque kinda way) depending on your point of view.
On May 3rd a judge allowed the members of Christian militia/terrorist group Hutaree to be released until their upcoming trial (here is the complete article). Upon review of the evidence the judge determined that home detention and electronic monitoring would be sufficient. These were the people who, the prosecution charges, were actively planning the murder police officers. After the massacre the group was hoping to establish an independent state.

So what's my point? Maybe the government really doesn't have much of a case. The individuals in the Hutaree are obviously deranged fanatics, but there are a lot of deranged fanatics living in the country and being one is not a crime.

I have a litmus test to determine when racism or other prejudices are at work. Let's replace Hutaree with a fictional Islamic militia operating in the USA, we'll call them Hezbo-Hamas. Hezbo-Hamas would have no link to any international conspiracy. They just want to make sure that they can have an independent state within the borders of the USA and establish a theocracy. I imagine any judge would allow Hezbo-Hamas members to hangout at home until their jury by a judicial system that they hate. Of course they won't flee or try to do anything crazy-violent with their other (and free) militia members. That's crazy talk.

Let's just thank God that these Hutaree folk are good Christian soldiers, not like the fictional Hezbo-Hamas. If this isn't an example of Christian privilege I don't know what is.

I heard this on NPR the other day during breakfast and my freakin' head practically blew up. It would've been fairly traumatic to the kids... with the brain splattering and all.

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  1. Jesus H. Christ. You could have put a warning on that Hutaree link! Now my whole day is ruined and I may have to throw myself under a train.

  2. I am sorry about the link. In the future I will properly label all insanely insane links.

  3. Funny how on their site those freaks posted a videoclip that has a song of The Sisters Of Mercy as a soundtrack. They happen to be very avid atheists.


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