Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Patriot's Duty: Decatholicization

This is a copy of a letter to the Editor that I am sending to the Economist.

SIR- Who hasn't heard of the cases of child abuse perpetrated by priests? Who hasn't heard of how the highest echelons of the Catholic Church has been involved in protecting their vile underlings.

I have a solution. It's based on another time and another place when a criminal group insinuated itself into the deep core of society and perpetrated crimes against humanity. I am talking, of course, about the Nazis. The Nazi party dominated the German people and after World War Two the Allies initiated the Denazification of that country. The Decatholicing of our society will follow a similar route. Priests and their superiors will be divided into groups: major offenders, offenders, lesser offenders, followers, and exonerated persons. Ringleaders will be sent to jail and those "following orders" will follow suit.

What is more important is that the populace who have been brainwashed by these criminals observe the abhorrent crimes and systematic cover ups of these sociopaths. Only then can we hope that the evil of the Catholic Church is put to rest.

I humbly ask for a front row seat at the forthcoming Nuremberg Trials.

Andrew Hall


  1. That's an interesting parallel and it would be a sensible approach to cleaning up the mess Catholicism has become but is wouldn't hold my breath. The head of the church, the Pope, is under fire and the possibility that he will step down (or be forced to) is high. True enough. However, I wouldn't expect a purge to run much deeper than removal of the Pope. From there, the only actions to defrock others will be directly tied to civil court cases. Unlike Nazism, the church will very likely survive in the end.

  2. There is more truth to this than meets the eye. Only problem for Andrew Hall is the focus won't be on Catholicism so much as religion in general. There was a very good reason why seers of the past said this Pope will be the last and the end of the Vatican. What most don't grasp is that the Vatican is used as a symbol for all religions

    Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

    They have become far too complacent in their fantastical lies. The heavens now demand their due....

    Peace and Wisdom,


  3. I am fascinated by the implosion of the Catholic Church. Members of my own family who have been faithful followers are finally wielding the only power they have: withholding money. They still 'tithe' - but they are donating the money to food banks, The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, etc. The combination of pedophile priests and the censorship of American nuns who dare to voice opinions of their own without the blessing of the church leaders is what finally did it. Quite frankly, giving money to a man that wears Prada slippers never made much sense to me. How do bishops, cardinals and popes justify their vow of 'poverty' with wearing jeweled gold rings and flying first class?


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