Friday, April 16, 2010

National Day Of Reason

Have you heard about the Wisconsin judge who rightly stated that the National Day of Prayer violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution? You know the Establishment Clause, that pesky First Amendment that states that the government can't establish a religion.


Atheists, Humanists, and all the other non-superstitious types eschew the National Day of Prayer and celebrate the National Day of Reason instead. I have a problem though. The Day of Reason seems kind of ... lame. I mean, what are you going to do on Reason Day? Play Scrabble? Watch a Jeopardy marathon? I think holidays should be flimsy excuses to eat, drink alcohol, and fornicate (not in that order). We need to re-brand Reason Day to make it fun and exciting. I think we can all agree that the name has to change.

Here are some suggestions:

National Day of Getting Your Head Outta Your Ass

National Day of Taking a Sledge Hammer to Gas Guzzling SUVs

National Day of Burning Down McMansions

National Day of Putting All Pedophile Priests in Jail

National Day of the Federal Government is NOT Making Detention Camps for Angry, Uneducated White Men.

It's a start. Sure some of the activities may be illegal, but fire and hitting things with hammers are fun!


  1. There is already an existing day that repeats annually and (usually) occurs a day after the soon to be dead-in-the-water National Day of Prayer (otherwise called the National Day of Reason by "the intelligent, more educated segment of society") and it is something you'll probably like. The day is called "No Pants Day" and you can learn about it here:


  2. I like the idea. I've always been anti-pant.

  3. I second that. Of course, it depends on who's pants-less. George Clooney, for example, can be pants-less all he wants as far as I'm concerned.


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