Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Upcoming Trip To The Heart Of Darkness

I've been grinding my teeth a bit over the last 12 hours or so. Why? There is no major religious holiday coming up. From the past few posts the children seem to be doing well. What could be wrong?

Every once in a while I'll stop the smack talk and be serious, this is one of those moments. If I was going to some up my personal "Prime Directive" it would go something like this: Be more. Be more than your race, be more than your class, be more than your gender role, be more than your genes, be more than your history. Be more.

A right of passage for my children and me has initiated this bit of insight.  It is...
Disney World.

Yep, it's one of those things I've denied and repressed. I always thought it would happen sometime in the distant future. Perhaps I was hoping I'd luck out and get a massive heart attack before having to go on this, the Great Middle Class Hajj, the mandatory schlep down to the Kingdom of the Rat (please no hate mail for my mixing of Islamic and Yiddish references in one sentence).

Why now? It is the price of my non-failure. Let me explain, about a year or so ago we got a credit card that gives us airline miles. I have been diligently buying groceries and other necessary items with it and then paying the credit card off every two weeks or so (I heard that if you pay your credit card off twice a month your credit score will go up). Ergo, I have the miles to get a good deal on plane tickets. Unfortunately, I have to use the miles before August (it's a long story why). The wife and I talked about it last night and even though it means going to Florida in June.


The trip to Disney World is me being exactly what I strive to not be, a DWG (Dopey White Guy). I'll be amongst the herd of DWGs at the park avoiding heat stroke, taking the mandatory picture of the children and that poor bastard who is in the Mickey Mouse suit with the internal temperature of 113 degrees, and hearing that song! The song that haunted me when I first went to the Kingdom when I was 13, It's a Small World. That song seemed to be everywhere all the time! It drove me nuts (I know it's a short trip).

I made up my own lyrics to the jaunty melody.

It's a world of hatred, a world of fear,
It's a world of sudden death, my dear,
It's so obvious it's clear, that no one cares,
It's a small, small world.
It's a small world after all, makes it easier to nuke it all,
It's a small world after all, it's a small, small, world.

Oh, to be 13 again and full of unbridled optimism!


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  1. I'd like to go to Disney World. And also to Tibet.


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