Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Baby Is Ugly or Defect Is Not A Bad Word

Telling someone that I am an Atheist is often like telling them their girlfriend is ugly. In the case if my proclamation of non-faith is directed to a woman it's like telling her she has an ugly baby.

Yes, there are ugly girlfriends and some ugly babies. No, I do not make it my business to go around informing the parties involved. It's not my business and it's mean.

Ahhhh! There's the rub, eh? It's not "nice" to tell people that their conception of divinity is wrong. Yet it happens all the time. Whenever a Christian is talking to someone who is a practicing Jew it is understood at the get go that the Christian is deluded (Jesus was not the messiah and you people translated our book wrong) and that the Jew is going to Hell (along with Gandhi and all those couple billion or so heathens).

Atheists are different. Not only do they think that 11 out of 12 people are wrong (in the U.S. 92% of the populace believe in a deity of some sort), but a lot of them are cheeky enough to tell you!

As an Atheist I realize this is a huge public relations problem. I propose that all non-god (s) people wear buttons that say something like, "I'm an Atheist, but I'm not a pedophile" wait; Catholics may think it's a slight against them. How about, "I'm an Atheist, but I'm not an Asshole" wait; Southern Baptists may think it's a slight against them. I've got it, "I'm an Atheist, and how would you like a glass of milk?" The obvious problems are that it would be really hard to put all that on a button and then you'd have to carry cold milk with you and the glasses to boot.

Maybe I'll just stay a jerk.

In lieu of this decision to stay a jerk I'm going to give out a website that will assist any Catholic to officially de-Catholicize themselves (the official term is defect). If you are sick of the Church and want to be officially out here is the site:

Why is there a puppy with this post?

I'm an Atheist, but I still like puppies.

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