Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weight Loss or Feel The Burn

This is my weekly weigh in episode of Purgatory. As a review, I was 194 last week and my ultimate goal is to be 180. I got on the scale this morning and found I am at 193.

Not too shabby.

I've continued using my food diary and I've been weighing myself every morning before I eat. The system seems to be working.

However, I skipped the gym yesterday and today. I have a good reason...

this is the time to burn.

You may think that because I live in MA, not a complete idiot (I wouldn't say smart), and support gay marriage I must be an urbanite living in some condo or townhouse.

In retrospect that would've been a wise idea. Instead I'm hip deep in suburbia. I live in an old, old house (1850's) and no it isn't quaint or nice.

It's work. Take today and yesterday, I was outside (by the way, I'm not a big fan of the outside too much outside out there) burning my super-pile of brush, twigs, and leaves from the previous year.  Did I mention those thorn bushes I tore down last Fall? They didn't disappear. They were waiting, hiding in that pile of crap until I reached in and D'OH! Bad pointy pain, a lot of bad pointy pain.

It isn't all bad. I do get light a fire and I haven't gravely injured myself (1st degree burns do not count).

How do I deal with all this fun? When I feel especially suburbanitey (like after burning brush for 2 days beside my normal domestic routine) there is only one solution!

Beer. I'm going out for a few drinks in civilization (Boston/Cambridge) and pretend that I don't live...

in Purgatory.

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  1. ah, crap. i wish i read this earlier and i would have met you in cambridge! i just got back from an adventurous day at work (dog fight and stitches. yay!) so just let me know next weigh in when you want to drown away in beer.


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