Saturday, March 27, 2010

Regime Change Now!

I have decided to show the interview of Christopher Hitchens on Real Time with Bill Maher to lay the ground work for my argument for regime change in Vatican City.

Well, that was a great interview, eh? Christopher Hitchens is one of those bothersome atheists (at least to theists) who uses facts and stuff. Then he has the audacity to draw reasonable conclusions.

Let it never be said I am reasonable!

This is why I say it's time for regime change for Vatican City!

Let's make a check list and see if Vatican City, as a State, qualifies for US intervention.

1. There is no way Vatican City can withstand a US assault! (This is the most important point.)
C'mon! Who's going to fight our marines? The Swiss Guards? They are armed with pointy sticks (although long pointy sticks).

2. Vatican City is a really, really small place.
Vatican City is only 110 acres and has a population of 800. It's nestled inside of the City of  Rome. Not a lot of wilderness for insurgents to hide.

3. It sends a message to other theocracies (yes, Iran I'm looking at you!).
Crazy, immoral behavior against the people (and kids) that you "serve" will not be tolerated. (It is important to say that even though the government of Iran is evil at least they don't support and protect pedophiles.)

4. I have a really cool name for the liberation of Vatican City.
Every operation needs a cool name like: Iraqi Freedom, Desert Storm, etc.
My idea?
Operation: Stop the Kiddie F*ckers
Okay, it's not the most original, but I think I states the goals succinctly.


  1. Andy,

    Bill Mahr (a persistent bombthrower) tried to bring American Imperialism into the interview to which Hitchens adroitly avoided. I have no idea if Hitchens believes as apparantly Mahr does that America is an empire. I don't recall our presence in foreign nations being the result of imperical aims. I guess I must have missed the forced labor, managed economies and the US grabbing natural resources from abroad. I can't claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed but I do not believe at this time that we have colonies across the globe. Am I incorrect in my thinking here? Andy do you ascend to the claim that America is an empire. I am very interested to hear your thoughts and evidence on that question.



  2. Yeah, I noticed the whole Empire comment too. Hitchens is smart and didn't want to disagree with Bill on his show. Me? It's obvious that Colonialism/Imerialism (the traditional 15th-early 20th century model)is dead. Currently we don't have that kind of Empire. Have we in the past? I imagine the Phillipines would count as a possession in the traditional Empire sense (back in the day).
    Ultimately you are right that Bill is a bomb thrower and that may make him entertaining, but it does blunt his arguments.


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