Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Armada This!

I was driving down the highway yesterday and a Nissan Armada sped by me. Are you acquainted with my dislike of SUVs? Gas guzzling symbols of a country with no energy policy (and ergo no good foreign policy), no carbon emission policy, and a population that screwed itself by living on credit cards and home equity loans. Oh sure, those "credit is crack days" are over and yet there are the hangers on of the previous gratuitous flaunting of wealth... the SUV. Don't get me wrong, if you are in a trade (plumbing, electrician, etc) and need the space owning a SUV is reasonable.

The Armarda is a special case of irritation with me. Not only is it an Uber-SUV, with it's 12 miles per gallon city and 18 miles per gallon highway, but it has one of the worst names in history. You may as well call the vehicle the Titanic or Fiasco. Why? Armada is a Spanish word for naval fleet and the world's most famous one is the Spanish Armada of 1588. It must have been a beautiful sight! Twenty-two ships bristling with canons with over a hundred support ships charging down the English Channel to invade England, and all for the glory of Catholic Spain (England had dodged outta the Catholic Club a bit earlier).

It all went to Hell.

Not all. Fifty out of the original 130 ships made it back to Spain.

The rest were either burnt by the English (a night attack with boats lit on fire) or wrecked by storms.

A fiasco.

Almost French-like in its scope of disaster (oh, c'mon! the Maginot Line is in a class of it's own!).

What's scary is that Nissan thought it'd be a humdinger of a name for their SUV.

What's worse is that a majority of Americans buying it just don't get it, "It's got a cool name! I’m a bad ass!"

No, you're ignorant.

This is Purgatory.

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  1. The following is a conversation between myself and Andy on Facebook regarding this entry;

    Scott: Just read your blog

    9:04pm Andrew: Yeah?

    9:05pm Scott: you raise valid points

    9:06pm Andrew: My goal is to be entertaining while bringing up valid points.

    9:07pm Scott: Yeah, and please don't take this personally (that's code for I am about to insult you) but I wonder as a psychologist does it ever concern you about the level of displeasure you seem to have at the world around you?

    9:07pm Andrew: I always ask folk who read the blog regularly to be a follower and comment. Like this right here... this would be funny as a blog comment.

    9:08pm Scott: do you want me to post it?

    9:08pm Andrew:Me? Well, my writing/comic persona is a bit darker than who I am (though there is considerable overlap).

    sure, it's funny!


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