Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Johnny Baptist 2

This is my second Johnny Baptist short. Once again Johnny is out harassing the populace.

I think the idea of religious folk trying to convert the non-indoctrinated is funny. For all the folks who grew up in faith you were told all the crazy stuff upfront; stuff like: Jesus was born from a virgin, Jesus rose from the dead, or the obviously crazy/evil stuff like God wiped out 99.9% of humanity in a huge flood. When I was younger I gave the aura of an idiot (my aura is now more respected) and many religious fanatics tried to convert me.

Ohhhhh, they have their ways. Pretty girls are the best bait. I was chatting up a pretty girl back in the day (pre-married life) in a quickie-mart and she was really into getting me into her church. I backpacked in Britain when I was 19 and a very pretty older woman (jackpot!) started chatting me up about a new coffee shop down the street. Coffee? I like coffee especially if it was with her.

It turns out she was a Moonie. The coffee shop was run by Moonies. I didn't flee (I was still hoping to have sex with her) and in the end no one was happy. They didn't convert me and I didn't get laid. Sigh.

So I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any funny stories on how people tried to convert you please tell under comments.

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