Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Republican Master Plan Part Deux

In an earlier post (The Republican Master Plan Revealed) I went into the dark stratagem the Republicans were using to gain control of the country.

For those of you who didn't read that post you may ask, "Which country are we talking about?" After all our armed forces are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as smaller conflicts like the Drug War in Columbia.

Our country, the good old U.S. of A.

Soooo a synopsis of their plan is basically to impoverish the country to keep whitey in power (no economy means no immigration) while dumbing down the populace (Evolution is the Devil's work) so much that the smarties emigrate. The only ones left would be Sarah Palin supporters.

Fiendishly fiendish indeed!

Here is a new twist to their plan...

even the smart immigrants are avoiding us.

As reported in the Jan. 14th's Economist, the U.S's immigration system has gotten so onerous that the amount of foreign students have dropped. In 2001 28% of students who studied abroad went here. In 2008 the number has dropped to 21%.

So what you may say...

The problem seems to be that the U.S. produces a lot of dolts.

Foreigners make up over 50% of the U.S.'s scientific researchers. Post-doctoral students that engage in the highest levels of scientific research are 60% foreign nationals.

Less foreign smarties means we have to rely more on our native born talent.

We are in trouble.

Deep trouble.

The Republicans have killed two birds with one stone! Keeping out the foreigners as well as dumbing down the country.

It's genius.

Must've been thought up by some foreigner.

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