Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Have No Poop In My Pants

"Daddy's Mister Poopy Pants!"

"Daddy's Mister Poopy Pants!"

Ahhh... the sound of my two wunderkinds Will and Ali (ages 7 and 4) chanting together at dinner.

Me? I was trying to think of a non-traumatic way of making them stop. A way that wouldn't pop up in their future therapy sessions. I can hear it now, "And then my Father yelled at us for no reason!"

I tried a more "educational" approach.

"Very funny, but you two shouldn't be happy about having a poopy pants Dad..."

I just want to say for the record my pants are poopy free.

"because you two have poopy pants DNA."

This caught Will off guard, "What do you mean?"

"You know that your DNA are instructions to make a William, right? Well where do you think you got that DNA?"

No answer from Will.

I smiled, "Half of that DNA is from ME!"

Will gave me the look, "Where's the other half from?"


Will peered into me, "How does that..."

Oh-oh I could see where this conversation was going... birds and the bees. I prefer Will to find out how "DNA co-mingling" happens the way I did...

via the pages of National Geographic magazine.

Luckily my daughter came to my rescue.

"Daddy's Mr. Poopy Pants!"

Will joined in.

"Daddy's Mr. Poopy Pants!"

Indeed I am Daddy Poopy Pants.


  1. There is no Heaven or Hell either. Not in that whole metaphysical way...

    more on the metaphorical.

  2. Hey, a new nickname for you - thanks Will!

  3. Andy, you live in a fantasy world.

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