Monday, February 8, 2010

Filmy Fun

It's odd that I do a fair amount of film-related stuff and haven't done a post about it.

Well I'm going to remidify (I know it's not a word) that problem.

Doing a film (even a small 1 minute short) is like being in one of those "guy ensemble" flicks like the "Dirty Dozen" or "Ocean's Eleven". Planning the caper (film shoot) is paramount, everyone involved has a job(s) to do, and very often things go wrong... horribly wrong.

You'll be happy to know that this a story about how things went right (I know... it's abnormal). The idea for the short came from the pro-life ad that was aired during the Super Bowl. The ad involved college football star Tim Tebow and his mom. They talked about how a doctor had suggested that Mom (while she was carrying Tim) should have an abortion because she had a medical condition that could kill her as well as the fetus. She decided not to and Tim was born and now a kick ass football star. The moral to the story is of course prolifey and made by Focus on the Family.

As a note: I just went on the Focus on the Family website (I feel dirty. I need to shower.) and they spew the typical Evangelical anti-gay, creationist God talk mumbo-jumbo. My fave book that they have in their online shop is: The Lie: Evolution, Study Guide & Workbook .

So... Kevin Anderton of Midnight Chimes Productions (it's a channel on YouTube check'em out) came up with a skit about another famous pro-lifer with a similar story. The shoot itself was under an hour (which was good since the shoot was outside and it was veeerrryyy cold yesterday) due to rehearsing indoors where it was nice and toasty warm. David Kornfeld worked the camera, co-directed, and did the editing. The man is a wonder worker and did most of the editing within an hour and a half. Our two actors Lou Fuoco and Hilarie Wenzel did fantastic work.

On the funny spectrum I'd rank it "piss your pants" funny.

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  1. i saw this yesterday = it was really, really funny. did you know hitlers mom also was supposed to have an abortion but her doctors advised against it? glad the shoot went oh, so right for everyone!


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