Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is D? or I Think I'm Gonna Walk

Once again, I'm not making this up.

"Is this a good idea?" I queried.

This was not the first time I made that statement and it was certainly not the last.

I was only fourteen and in the backseat of my Mum's car. My sister was in the front and Mum was being... herself.

"Your sister is ready to drive." She pulled the car over.

To give you a fair and balanced picture of my sister imagine a pit bull.

Got it?

Now imagine a pack of wild hyenas devouring a zebra


Now imagine...

OK, you're right I'm just screwing with you.

Regardless, Sis had what could be considered a global lack of impulse control. Oh, there were other issues bubbling away, but we'll leave that for another story.

Mum and Sis were demonstrating a low "D" score at that moment. D is a term I cooked up to describe a person's basic ability to make a good decision. Now it's not necessary to be smart to have a high D score. I have seen first hand the shenanigans that occur when a high IQ is matched with low D. You will say, "Andy, some people make bad decisions in certain areas (money or relationships for example)." This is true. It is important to remember that IQ is an abstraction also. Howard Gardner is famous for his Multiple Intelligence Theory (smarts broken down to discrete categories like Interpersonal IQ and Intrapersonal IQ). So we agree (hopefully) that D is useful when we talk about raw decision making ability.

But I digress...

So Mum pulled the car over and Sis (who had never had a driving lesson in her life) got into the driver's seat.

My hands got sweaty.

That was a sign.

My heart was beating faster.

That was also a sign.

That little voice in my head that warns of danger was sounding the Classic Star Trek Enterprise's Red Alert.

"I'll walk." I got out of the car ready to make the half hour walk home.

"Are you sure?" Funny how Mum was questioning my D score.

"Oh yeah. I'm good".

They drove off.

I started walking and I felt good. I felt good because I was following my, "Duck and Cover" stratagem that had served me so well in the past.

It doesn't always pay off. Sometimes you still get stuck in trouble though at least you knew you didn't knowingly walk into it.

That day I avoided trouble.

Within ten minutes Mum's car drove up from behind me.

Sis was not driving.

And there was a new addition to the car, a nifty dent and a broken head light.

I got into the car and figured that it was not the best time to say, "I told you so."

That's because even at that age I knew...

I was in Purgatory.

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  1. More family stuff! Great, Andy. JL


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