Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama Hasn't Gotten Shot Party or Yay! Obama Hasn't Gotten Shot Party!

So I had this party last February to celebrate Bush leaving office and I realized that having a party at that time was good.


February sucks. Any reader of this blog knows my dislike for this particular month. It's cold and it's dark. You may say, "Andy, we do get progressively more light through the winter and by the time it's February it isn't dark at 4 o'clock anymore."


My response?

It still sucks. We will have been blanketed by night and cold for quite a while. It's like running a marathon (I never have run one, but I get the basic premise... one foot after another for a long, long time) and I would guess the last leg of the marathon is the one that sucks the most ass.

That should be February's motto: This month sucks the most ass.

Back to my party.

So I decided to throw a party this February. Seeing that I am easily amused I decided to brand it, "The February Sucks Party".

Kinda catchy eh?

It got vetoed by my wife (the name not the party).

Her idea for a name? Thirty Days Until Spring Party.

Needless to say it really doesn't jive with my whole, "Optimistic Pessimism" thing I have going on.

So I thought...

and I reflected....

I watched Bully Beatdown...

and I came up with a new name!

It's the, "Obama Hasn't Gotten Shot Party"

I think it's an idea everyone can get around. The wife didn't like the it though.

She said something like, "That's wrong!"

I replied, "We both agree that it's good that he hasn't been shot."

She's used to my cheap tricks. "Yes, but it's wrong to celebrate it not happening."

Innocently I queried, "Why?"

"Because bad things shouldn't be celebrated when they don't happen!"


I humbly disagree.

You can't tell me there weren't, "Yippee! The Plague Hasn't Returned Parties" during the Dark Ages? I mean, I'd be celebrating everyday just being alive. And think about all the abandoned/free stuff I'd have. (It is a historical fact that in the post-plague Europe the survivors' quality of life went up do to free/abandoned stuff and less restrictive labor markets).

So I decided to lighten up the name. It's now the, "Yippee! Obama Hasn't Gotten Shot Party!" See, there are two exclamation marks to amp up the positive vibe.

If events dramatically change I'll have to alter the name of the party...
and we'll all be in a world of shit.

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  1. i'd be curious to see what other mottos for months you have up your sleeve.


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