Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was browsing through Yahoo News and thought it might be funny and sad to see how my home town Brockton is doing. For those of you not familiar with Brockton it really is an open sore on the face of Southern Massachusetts. Brockton's heyday was about one hundred years ago when the main industry was shoes. Now it's major export are crazy stories of urban decay that one occasionally hears on the news. My favorite is when the Police Chief was caught stealing cocaine from the evidence locker (this occurred when I was in high school).

There appears to be a meeting going on tonight about how to make Brockton a better place to live.

There were many, many online comments to be had on this topic:

From TrooPatriot:
build a nuclear power plant on Legion Parkway, pray for a leak, and bury the city under 10 feet of concrete

How poetic, it brought a tear to my eye. I had never thought of going Chernobyl on dear old Brockton, but I think TrooPatriot is on to something

From sean37isback
Cape Cod Cafe delivery. I fear for my life when i go to pick up pizza

Cape Cod does make an excellent pie and they really should do delivery for the aforementioned reason. It's interesting to note that back in the day I lived close to Cape Cod Cafe.

From the Sage of our times: rattletrap
Do a complete citywide sweep for illegals,,start profiling...If the police see what looks to be thugs walking the streets stop them and search them...If the police start doing that on a regular basis the gang members and thugs wouldnt be hanging out on the streets..Stop all the thug cars and search them...When they park in the middle of the streets ticket them...Everyone in the city knows who the problem people are,,,start treating them the way they treat the rest of us!!!!

Question: Now I have an old car does that make it a thug car?
Answer: Not when you have a DWG (Dopey White Guy) driving it.

Rattletrap's ethnic cleansing argument is airtight! Gimme an armband, a torch, and show me where the book burning is!

Those were the most interesting comments.

I wonder if there will be a followup article tomorrow to see how the meeting went.

I want to know if the Nuclear Power Plant Plan got any traction...

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  1. I think if you have a child safety seat in the back, it's officially not a thug car.


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