Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Republican Master Plan Revealed

Anyone who is religious should disregard this post.


I have just discerned the Super Secret Plan of the Republican Party!

I was browsing Yahoo News when I stumbled upon it.

I have to hand it to the Republicans; they are clever! Their plan is hidden in plain sight!

The article states, "New Date When Whites Will Be In The Minority". My curiosity piqued I opened the article.

It was all there in black and white (I'm not sorry for the pun). It seems the projected date for when Whites become a minority has been pushed back eight years to... (drum roll please) 2050! It seems the Great Recession and having tougher immigration laws have pushed back the Apocalypse.

I immediately thought hey it's only 8 years, but then I realized to the Republicans the Rapture could occur during that time and they wouldn't be around for the race war that will certainly occur Jan. 1st, 2050.

Like a thunderbolt it struck! That's why the Bush Jr. and his crew wrecked the economy. Make this country so unattractive to poverty stricken foreigners so that they don't want to come. And for the ones so foolish enough to make an effort we're gonna have a nifty fence (virtual or otherwise) on our Southern Border to keep'em out.

It's even bigger than that though...

The current Republican resistance to Health Care Reform. Yep, part of the Master Plan. It's to prevent any skilled workers coming in from Europe. They may be white, but they're all Socialists anyway. Europeans Go Home!

And the Religious Right's War On Science? Big Smarty Lefties who live in the God fearing USA will flee to Godless prosperous countries. Good riddance! Who needs your science, innovation and reason?

Ultimately who will be left?

All the Sarah Palin supporters.

And the people who can't get out.

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  1. So Georgie had a plan after all!

    And he and Sarah Palin will be hatching Phase II of Whitey Rules the World on their next hunting trip....


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